Noble Future And Great Features of 5G Technology

In the world of technology, miracles are happening every day and shock us with new things. The progress of technology is on the peak. In the internet services now china has to introduce the fifth generation of technology for Christmas Wishes. The main purpose to introduce the new technology is just to decrease data consumption.

In 1979 1G was introduced just for calls its main purpose was to promote the telecommunication system. Then in 1991 2G was introduced for both calls and messages. Then in 1998 3G was introduced in the world for video calls and other streamings.

Then in 2008 4G was introduced in the world as an LTE to increase the data speed. And it was completely working in 2011. And now in the past year, 2018 5G was introduced in the world and now in the year or 2019 5G is ready to run and increase the more data speed to super fastest speed which provides to people of the whole world.

China has to take part in and introduced the fifth generation of technology (5G). More than 25 countries have worked till now on this project. And you’ll be hearing news about 5G very soon. Maybe you’ll be seeing the first 5G smartphone at the start of 2020.

This is the most advanced generation. It is 100 times faster than the standard data system. About 5 billion people have used mobile phones over the world. Wifi has now bands 2.4GHz and the other one is 5GHz.

People nows about 2.4 GHz because it has been also popular among the people but %GHz is a new and latest version. 5GHz is much powerfull to spread data all-around than 2.4GHz.

The report was published in 2018 revealed that 43% of mobile users are on 4G but in 2025 59% users on 4G and 15% on 5G. Fastest streaming maybe possible through 5G.

In past downloading a 2 hours movie takes 2 or hours than 4G was come so 2 hours movies downloading in 20 mins but now through in 5G network, this movie will be download in just 15 seconds. The average speed of 5G cellular networks would 300 MB/s.

Now the users of the internet have been waiting for the 5G. The happiest news for those who are in waiting for this is that now mobile companies have been starting their projects on 5G supported mobile phones.  They help us to find things which we need to complete our assignments and other things in modern life. In order for the streaming and downloading speed 5G offers new features, which orders to creat the multiple and virtual networks.

Through 5G and with the help of 5G self-driving cars will increase their speeds without the horror of accidents. Home appliances, however, are connected with lower power. It will help in business meetings and generate new applications.4G was used to connect to people by people but the latest and new technology which is known as 5G is used to connect the people with All things.

5G will have the ability to handle thousands of times of more than 4G Data traffic and calls. It will increase 100 times more than the Data downloading speed than 4G. It has a very high speed and high capacity and lower rate bit.

It helps voice, video, internet, and other broadband services. 5G technology offers high superior services due to high error is providing a large broadcasting ability up to gigabit which helping us almost 65,000 connections at a time. More applications are merged with the artificial intelligent (Al) as human life will be enclosed by artificial sensors which could be connecting with mobile phones.  5G technology uses remote management that users can get good and active solutions

Advantages of 5G.

The advantages of 5G technology are the following.

  • 5G technology is more effective and capable.

  • 5G technology is easily manageable with the forgone generation

  • Most likely a big broadcasting data in( Gigabit) which will help us more than 60,000 connection

Disadvantages of 5G.

These are the following.

  • The speed of this technology is demand seems difficult to gain because of the incompetent technological help in most parts of the world.

  • Technology is still a method and research on its visibility is going on.

  • The future is becoming most difficult to predict with each passing year. So we should be expected of an increasing pace of technological change.

5G technology has a bright future because it can face better technologies change.

 Features of 5G technology.

These are the following.

  •  The advanced billing interfaces of 5G technology makes it more charming and mortally.

  • The high-quality services of 5G technology based on the strategy to displace error.

  • 5G technology is providing big broadcasting of data in Gigabit which helping almost 65,000 connections.

  • The remote diagnostic is a big feature of 5G technology.

  • 5G technology is also helping the virtual private network.

  • The uploading and downloading speed of 5G technology is on the hilltop.

The new coming 5G technology is available in the market at affordable prices, cop future and much trust than its preceding technologies 5G technology are including camera, mp3 recording, video player, big phone memory, dialing speed, audio player and much more you can’t imagen.

I hope so and we are expected that in most countries it will be launched in 2020. But China has to race and launched it at the end of 2019. they will have launched all specifications at the beginning of 2020.

In rural areas of most countries has to complain that they have to get low data speed with down signals. With this problem they have never been reaching their tasks soon and ley back with sadness. But with the introduction and launching of 5G, this problem will be running so far.

Because 5G will have high-frequency bandwidth it will work on it to remove the slow data speed in rural areas. It has to capacity to remove this complaint. In the beginning, it works normally but with the passing of time, it improves its services and provides the best speed to its users in urban areas.

As you now that robotics and self-driving cars have been introduced in some previous years. But these cars are not available in the markets yet.

Because to drive these cars better and control them first you to need the super and fastest version of the internet. If these cars avail to the people so these cannot control easily with this internet speed. At this time these are pending just for the high speed and fastest speed of the internet. But by the introduction of 5G in the world, these cars will be seeing us soon.

In the past, these cars are not seeing on the road due to low signal problems because these cars are not caught the signals through the control room. If these cars were avail to people on the roads in the past so the accidents were accrued on a large scale.

Because if cars have to push the breaks and ordered from the control office so due to the low speed of the internet it can not perform all these things better and the system was be failed soon in this concept.

All these works which now people have to do with so many problems and do these work with many restrictions but after the introduction of 5G, these works will do by the robots easily without restrictions.

Doctors robots will be able to do operates of the people. They will be providing the signals from the there signal providing an office. Robots will be run on 5G super fastest technology better. Robots will be works as news anchors and perform works in other fields.

There is on the other side there are so many dangerous things in the 5G. They damage the mind of the people. Also, it will damage the heartbeats and other parts of the body very badly. It will produce cancer cells in the human body.

It will also affect the plants and birds badly. These all dangerous things just due to the renditions and advanced cells. On the little age babies, it will affect their head bone and decrease its size.

Since the fundamental generation of mobile phones, wireless network has till on the same radio frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. But as more users crowed the network and require extra data than ever before, these radio wave highways become growingly congested with cellular traffic.

To revenge, cellular gather wants to expand into the biog frequencies of millimeter waves. Millimeter waves consume frequencies from 30 to 300 gigahertz, which are 10 to 100 times big than the radio waves consume today for 4G and wifi networks. They’re called millimeter because their wavelength is varied between 1 and 10 millimeters. Whereas radio waves are on the dictate of centimeters.

The big frequencies of millimeter waves may generate new lanes on the linking highway, but there’s one problem: millimeters waves are hands down incorporate foliage and buildings and will demand many near spaced base stations, called small cells. These stations are much smaller and demand less power than conventional cell towers, and can be placed atop buildings and light poles.

The abbreviate of base stations also silence another technological, breakthrough, for 5G: Massive MIMO, MIMO stands for multiple inputs, multiple outputs, and refers to an appearance that takes the advantages of smaller antennas compulsion for millimeter waves by mummer increasing the number of antennae in each base station.

With a large number of antennas _ten to hundreds of antennas of each base station, _ you can serve many different peoples, at the same increasing data rate, People’s surroundings in the world are achievable the internet with mobile devices. The number of connected devices arises. Soon machines will be linking with each other with the internet of things.

To improve the invent of the digital society and makes the internet of things working. We compulsion a force full wireless network that can be transposed a big volume of data fast.

5G will actually progress to the mobile internet. LTE is afoot the fastest mobile technology is available, helping hilltop data rates up to the 300 megabits per second (Mbits /s).

Speed is the standard-bearer for wireless network performance. Also known as bandwidth, data transpose rate, data rate or linking speed, it refers to the number of digital data exchanged between two devices via a customary chanal in a given period.

Network speed is perfectly measured in bits per second. Bit stands for binary digit. With a big volume of data helping by 5G speeds, data transpose rates are expressed in kilobits, megabits and in future, even gigabits, or terabits.

Linking based on 5G is becoming an important requisite in the digitization of the industry. With the supply of the close network slices, mobile robots can also be deployed fictile and ably in economic production to meet specific demands.

5G vs fiber optic network

 Fiber optic network is a type of high_speed wireline network offering promote speed, security, and bandwidth over will copper systems. Fiber optic technology has long been used in long compel networks due to its big performance over a long gap. Fiber can travel as for as 40 mills without losing signal power.

Now fiber is increasingly being used in the underpass and fictile networks instead of copper.   And because copper can keep up gigabit signals about 300 feet, many businesses selective to keep up the fiber connection all the way to there remedy. Called a fiber to the premises (FTTP) configration_ to avoid signals power.

In a fictive world, every phone, smart sensor, and the mobile device could be directly linked to the fiber backbone_but that would boundaries the mobility of the devices. That’s where 5G wireless network technology comes in. 5G will be organically designed to the border in a short gap.between a mobile device (as in 5G mobile services) or in business (as in 5G fixed broadband) and the fiber backbone.

5G Uses.

Public safety and infrastructure

5G will be allowed to the cities and other municipalities to till more ably. Utility companies will be able to hands down way usage remotely, the sensor can be notified public work sections. When extort flood and street lights go out, and municipalities will be able to speedy and cheap install surveillance cameras.

Remote device control

Since 5G has observably low latency. Remote control of weighty machinery. Will become a fact. While the early objective is to reduce the risk of hazardous environments. It will also permit technicians with specified wisdom to control machinery from everywhere in the world.

Customers can enjoy the fastest speed of 5G with the latest versions.

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