Al Jazeera Balkans

Al Jazeera launched on 11 November 2011 with the owned organization of Aljazeera Media Networks. Channel has the best quality picture. It is broadcasting their transmission from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The language used for telecasting is Bosnian. The station has a various broadcasting area like Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and other worldwide. The Headquarter of TV Balkans Vijesti Uzivo Stream takes place in Sarajevo. Balkan introduces their sufficient appearance for the protest of the ongoing information war about that areas. In general point of concentration is that Balkan is the revival of Yugoslav television networks. The contribution of their role in the unity of culture has a significant influence as Islamist to compensate their advantages

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Their news and current affairs are broadcasting for eight hours. BIRN is the best documentary on airs. It is telecast episode by episode on Monday evening. The aim of a documentary is to develop transitional justice concept in the local person of the Balkan audience. The former name of this channel is NTV99. This channel has a modern studio in Sarajevo. Its cover the correspondent area of Pristina, Moscow, Istanbul, and Banja Luka where the reporter reports their confirmation. Netwrok produces business and Sportski magazine forms the BBI Center. This is the located in BBI Center, trg djece Sarajeva.



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