Al Jazeera Turk

Al Jazeera Turk

Qatari government involved in the generation of a channel with the behalf of this network. It news broadcast in the Turkish language. Channel used for news information all across the country. The language accent in Turkish delivers the best breaking fact to explain the mind fluctuation of a clear story. The target is to achieve audience 130,140 million people from Balkan, Central Asia, Europe and also the Middle East. Former name of the Al Jazeera Türk TV Izle is Cine5. Headquarter taking place in Topkapi, Istanbul

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The broadcasting area belongs to Turkey, Balkans, Central Asia and Azerbaijan. Gurkan zengin is managing director of channels. He says right, and separate thinking of views and reporting style is our priority. Eight types of languages demonstrate the religious aspects in one central room. In geopolitical marketing, AlJazeera Turk serves their best efforts. Initially, it starts their transmission through websites. This is under construction from the year of 2014.[/expand]

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