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Channel One is the first television channel in Russia Federation. This channel was controlled by the National Media Group and Government of Russia. It was formally known as Public Russia Television. Channel One Russia started its broadcasting since 1 April 1995. It is broadcasting worldly from its central headquarters situated in Moscow, Russia. In 1991, after the broke up of The Soviet Union started to take over its all institutions and structures and the new Government provide Russia Federation with Central television system. Gosteleradio company and All-Union state was transferred to the Russian state. Channel One Russia was replaced with “Ostankio” channel as the first channel of USSR.This has high viewers worldly more than 250 million. It is considered the most important among Russian television and it has the biggest management system and huge budget system. This is produced many popular films including Night Watch, Day Watch, The Turkish Gambit and The Irony; it also broadcast the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Star Factory and Survivor. Mostly broadcast traditional programs. On 12 January 2008, in a program “Health” that was hosted by Elena Malysheva about Guillain-Barre syndrome, one of its sections a rat was violently killed. People highlight this issue a lot because this channel has number of viewers including children. People think that by seeing the violent scenes health of children and some people effect.

Channel One Russia Live Streaming

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Political programs:

Russia started its political coverage since 1999, at that time it famous journalist was Sergey Dorenko. Now its prominent political journalist and anchors are Petr Tolstoy, Mikhail Leontiev, Vladimir Posner and Ekaterina Andreeva. On 28 January 2006 News started to broadcast its political program on Sunday “Sunday Time”, it was hosted by Petr Tolstoy.

Local Programs:

  • Lednikoviy period (an ice skating show)
  • Gordon Quixote (Talk shows)
  • Posner (current affairs programs)
  • Vermya (news program)
  • Projectorparishilton (current affairs show)
  • Davaj pozhenimsia (helping people find)
  • Blshaya raznitsa (parodies on television)
  • International Programs:
  • Suits (force Majeures)
  • Californication (Calefreniya)
  • Sherlock
  • White Collar
  • Terra Nova
  • Lost (to stay Alive)
  • Ugly Betty (ugly girl)
  • Lie to me
  • Body of Proof (investigation of the body)
  • Flash forward (remember what will be)



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