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Press TV is an Iranian TV station that is handled by the state-owned department Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). It is state owned but totally managed by Iranian government. It’s aimed to promote the Iranian perspective to the world.

It was launched on 2 July 2007 (about seven years ago). It provides its services wordily that broadcast its programs from its headquarters situated in Tehran, Iran. Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting department is the only legal TV and radio broadcaster in Iran. Its head is directly appointed by the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. It uses English language for 24 hour services. At that time, it was the first Iranian channel that provides round the clock services in English languages. It gives news bulletin every half hour, repeating its programs, documentary-style political films, and round table discussions. Channel provides new analysis and current issues with arguments and images, especially highlights the Middle Eastern issues. This channel aimed to promote the Iranian perspective along English language and with an Arabian-language. These two networks especially highlight the issue of United States. Currently it viewers can watch free online in English, Arabic and Spanish language.

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Press TV and other Iranian channels were eliminated from many European and American satellites in July 2003 due to the Iranian sanctions. During November 2012, Hong Kong took several Iranian channels and in October 2012, Eutelsat and Intelsat banned several Iranian satellite channels. In 2007, started its broadcasting in London; Roshan Muhammad Salih was the editor and chief correspondent of London. Other correspondent includes Amina Taylor and Eisa Ali.

Notable news anchors of Iran:

Hassan Tavakoli, Kaneez Fatima, Kaveh Taghvai, Homa Lazgee, Bardia Honardar, Marzeih Hashemi and Waqar Rizvi.

Features of Press TV:

  • Channel focused to provide news analysis, talk shows and documentary along with the focus of Middle East, West Asia and Central Asia.
  • This channel tries to build the bridge of culture understanding among the people.
  • It highly focused to encourage the human beings of other nationalities and races with the purpose to identify them selves with one another.
  • The purpose of this channel is to highlight the untold or unseen stories of individuals with their life experiences.
  • Also tries to keep its audience up to date with each important or less important issue.
  • Popular programs:
  • Islam and Life
  • Iran Today
  • Comment
  • Iran
  • Africa Today
  • American Dream
  • Autograph


The website of this channel was launched during 2007. On March 2009, Channel launched a new website with few graphical changes. Its current website is:

Our website broadcasting live streaming of channel, wait little seconds while the online stream appear automatically. our viewers can also watch TV channel online using android mobile phone and IPhone.


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