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Sahara Samay News is one of the popular celebrity-driven television commerce news channels which is broadcasting in India. This Sahara Samay channel lives streaming came in the Hindi language all day. Owner of this network is “Sahara India Pariwar”. Date of launch for this channel is 28 March which is following the year of 2003. Availability of the channel is free to air and also online on the major cables along with the DTH platforms. Being the first teleshopping for the celebrity network. Covering the major and the minor details which mean getting coverage of everything for the audience.

The coverage is from news to people issue which they are facing in life because of various aspects. Sahara Samay News is also providing the web portal so the audience can easily get the information which they are sharing with the people. Also, the issue solution which most of the people are facing. The web portal is brought to make the people move toward the digital side of life through which compatibility is made. Making influences on the people live according to the way they live. Responding to the changes which are coming in time, transact and work. Various categories are present about which this network is providing news and making the people get knowledgeable.

These are ranging from sporting events, knowledge events, business, share market, education, and entertainment news. Things which are seen by them is that the news which the people most want to hear more and more are politics, nation. These also include lifestyle, technology, astrology, science and the world. For gaining all that news, is the best platform through which all of these can be attained. A young journalist has updated this network and makes it working 24×7. The owner company “Sahara India Pariwar” is one of the largest Indian conglomerates whose headquarter is located in Lucknow which is present in Hindustan.

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The operation which this firm is performing is housing, finance, infrastructure, healthcare, information technology, hospitality, media, entertainment and education. Included of media and entertainment Sahara Samay News is one of their major project in this field. Along with that, this organization is one of the biggest spotters for the Indian cricket. Being the title sponsor and promoter for the “Indian national cricket team” and also for the “India national hockey team”.

Not only that but other various sports are included. Owning a diverse professional team in the multiple sports genre. Awadhe Warriors is a team in the tennis, and this organization is the owner of it also it is one of the eight teams which are in the Indian Badminton League. Serving in various categories and expanding their business is a crucial role for them.

More Information:

Owned By Sahara India Pariwar
Launched 28 March 2003
Country Hindustan
Picture Format 576i SDTV
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Language Hindi
Broadcast Area Hindustan
News News (latest, regional, Delhi / NCR, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, India, Education, Business, Entertainment, Cricket, Sports, World, Career, Real Estate, Automobile, Gadgets, Tour & Travel)
Infotainment Live TV, Video Gallery, Photo Gallery
Contact Details WEB PORTAL
Sahara India Complex.
C-2,3,4 Sector 11,
NOIDA – 201301
Web Portal,
Sahara News Network
Email :

Availability Satellite

Dish Television Chnl. No. 128


Sky Cable Chnl. No. 242

Owner Company Sahara Pariwar Ltd. Details:

Products It services, Outsourcing, Retailing, Construction, Financial Services
Key People Subrata Roy the chairman of this organization
Area Served Around the Earth
Headquarters Lucknow, Hindustan
Founder Subrata Roy
Founded 1978 for about 40 year before and the location is Lucknow which is located in India
Industry Conglomerate (which mean combination of two or more than two organization working together to make business)
Type Privately Held company

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