Udaya Movies TV Program Today’s Schedule Listing

Program Start Time Description
Naguva Hoovu 12:00:00 AM In the movie the characters are Sudershana, R. Nagendra Rao, K. S. Ashwath, Balakrishna and the director of the movie is R. N. K. Prasad.
Ede Maha Sudina 03:00:00 AM The director of this movie is Uday Kumar and the character are in the movie are Uday Kumar, Leelavati, Naadahamsa.
Super Songs 06:00:00 AM In the program the host present the various melodious tunes and songs performed by various famous singer and versatile artists played back to back
Teleshopping 06:30:00 AM The host talks about the products by popular brands which can be easily bought from one’s home at attractive prices.
Sangliyana 07:00:00 AM The story of upright police officer, who puts his life at risk and is determined to wipe out the corruption in the society.
Matru Bhagya 10:00:00 AM The director of the movie is K. N. Chandra Sekar and the movie starting from Prabhakar, Vajramuni, Mahalakshmi.
Katari Veera Surasundarangi 01:00:00 PM ,,,,,,,,
Halli Rambhe Belli Bombe 04:00:00 PM A young woman decided to marry her sister’s brother-in-law due to resolve her sister marital problem.
Sahukara 07:00:00 PM The story of servant names Mathu, works for Sahukara. When Sahukara realizes Ranganayaki loves Mathu, he kicked out the Mathu from the house.
Pavithra Prema 10:00:00 PM Chandrashekar wants to prove he is innocence because her wife suspects him of killing the young girl and the strong evidence is present, And her wife wants to leave him.


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