Al Jazeera America (AJAM)

Al Jazeera America Live streaming

US-based news channel launched on August 20, 2013, to telecast local and worldwide news coverage for the  audience. Manhattan Center New York represent as a Headquarter of this channel. Al Jazeera US (AJAM) has 12 bureaus and studio in the larger city of America. The sister channel is Aljazeera English. Live approaches to 60 million houses to present truthful gesture about reporting. Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, Version Fios, and Direct TV are the major provider of the transmission in all across the America.

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Canadian broadcasting corporation has the right for the distribution of their transmission all over the USA. AMERICA TONIGHT, THE HUFFINGTON post and TIME MAGAZINE are popular shows of this network. For the investigating reporting, this channel has 16 people to investigate national news in the depth of the problem. Randall Pinkston, John Seigenthaler and Antonio Mora are the outstanding news staff of this network. Ali Velshi on Target, Inside Story, and Fault Lines are the popular programs which are produced by Al Jazeera America (US).

Best Achievements by AJAM

  • It wins to awards for the best reporting in Gaza and also for its program fault line based on human rights.
  • Wins a Sigma Delta Chi award for non-deadline reporting
  • In the placement of best 16 headlines this channel is front of the list.
  • Also got an Emmy awards for exceptional investigative stories released by magazines.
  • In 2014 conduct celebration for first whole year contributions in media

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