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Watch CNN live stream people preferred to watch daily news on channels. It’s a peak time for new channels. But Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and internet access.

So, people are watching every update on their smartphone through news channels official websites, Google News, and Social Media platforms. The elders are preferring to watch the news on the television screen.

There are numerous news networks in the world that are covering daily news and programs on their channels. Today we are discussing live CNN news stream, A Cable News Network, its history, awards and achievements, facts and figures, live streaming, and some FAQS about CNN live streaming. Keep reading the article and update your knowledge.

How you can watch their live streaming? Or Is CNN Live streaming available? Or there streaming free or not? 

Watch CNN News Live Streamcnn live stream

That’s are the questions you’re searching for! 

So, don’t worry about it we are giving you an informative answer to all of these questions.

Nowadays people are searching for live streaming instead of watching television. CNN updated its technology from time to time and meet the user’s requirements.

CNN History Timeline:

CNN is an American-based new network and top-ranked on the news channel list and stands for Cables News Network, Turner Broadcasting System-divisions of AT&T’s WanrnerMedia owned the channel on 1 June 1980.

At the beginning of this new channel, they cover the most highlighted event in the history of the world the Persian Gulf War started in 1991 was a huge war.

After that, the most live-covered event was 9/11, which happened in 2001 major event counted as American Airlines flight 77.

CNN Channel is covering elections transmission and other events in the whole world. Internation events, political events, and much more were not easy to count.

A professional team of reporters Bernard Shaw, John Holliman, Peter Arnett, Daniel Schorr, Christiane Amanpour, and other participants covered several completed missions that happened in past.

The main attractive activity of this network is they cover live events around the world. That is a point to engage viewers to watch CNN on television.

A famous show in the past CNN was Crossfire was launched in 1982 just after CNN’s inauguration. The program was hosted by Robert Novak and Rowland Evans. With the passage of time, it become a famous show which has huge views.

The basic theme of this show was to create political series on the CNN TV screen. In 2985, Larry king hosted one show of Crossfire and that was a super hit as a most favorite primetime interview.

This new show aired from 1982-to 2005 and was then released from 2013-to 2014.

CNN launched 24×7 services which was the idea of Ted Turner and they are the first to provide day & night services to their customers.

There are all news shows covered in New York City. CNN is linked in D.C., Los Angeles, and Atlanta, where the headquarters of this network is placed.

In 2018, CNN hits 90.1 million viewers which was amazing for them at that time.

Latest CNN

Technology is updating day by day and new features are coming. CNN has updated its news technology and improved broadcasting with new sets and unique features. 

Now you can watch live streaming not only on television but also on social media, on their official websites, and on Google News.

CNN upload live streaming on YouTube and updates their subscriber every second. So, it is not many hurdles like in past. 

Today Cable News Network is covering every corner of the world and catching the news and entertaining their viewers,

Also, you can watch political news shows mostly in the evening and in night. These shows are discussing political opinions in front of you and give suggestions to the stakeholders.

If you’re interested in the current affairs of the whole world, you must watch the live streaming and daily shows on CNN. 

Amazing CNN Truths

Everyone is watching a live streaming news channel in the United States of America CNN. This channel is the first one to deliver breaking news by using its advanced technology resources.

In fact in schools, the staff shows the CNN channel to give updates to their students. Because CNN is to date and authentic source of all news.

Some of their truths that will amaze you:

  • CNN is the first-ever channel in history, which is providing 24/7 newscasting from all over the world mostly in the USA.
  • There are 82.7% of viewers in the United States.
  • When the Space Shuttle event happened, CNN is the only source that provided live coverage of the disaster.
  • Cable News Network is the first channel to provide live reporting on the 9-11 attack in 2001, along with this provides updated news from Persian Gulf War.
  • CNN reporter went to the Iraq border line to cover the original stories and updates their viewers about what is happening in that area.

Upcoming CNN

The upcoming CNN is advanced with technologies and uses its all resources to get every information and make it possible to deliver to its viewers.

They are using different resources like Social Media platforms, and Offical websites.

Because no one has rights and a trademark to deliver their news without affiliations. 

The one and only providers are CNN and they have all rights and trademarks.   

Awards & Achievements


Following are the best awards won by CNN, this amazing hype earning millions of dollars :

  • A Peabody Award is given to ED Lavandera of CNN in 2020 for the best documentary reported “Apollo 11”.
  • For Parkland Town Hall, CNN was awarded for  Walter Cronkite Prize in 2019.
  • On their best reporting and excellent performance in providing breaking news, best shows, best documentaries, outclass news reporting, and superb medical and environmental reports, Won six Emmy Awards in 2018.
  • In 2018, As the best journalist, Nima Elbagir got  Journalism Award for the Internation Women’s Media Foundation Courage.
  • In 2018, For best International T.V News was awarded George Polk Award.
  • In 2017, The Award for Sea pollution for Prince Rainer III was won by CNN at Montreal Carlo TV Festival.
  • In 1998, Cable News Network won four Freedom of Expression Awards.


As a best-performing news channel, CNN achieve the courage of numerous events, and incidents, which include 9-the 11 attacks, The Gulf War, and the US Elections held in 2008 and 2016. Won consecutive awards like The Four Frie Award, Four Freedom of Expression Awards, The Advanced Prince Rainer III awards and the George Polk Prize was another big achievement for CNN.

Frequently Asks Questions

Is CNN Live Streaming Free?

Yes, You can watch it by going to CNN go or view Watch Live Streaming on its free. You have also the option, to select your TV services provider for unlimited CNN live streaming.

How we can find CNN Live Stream?

It’s very easy, you can watch it without Cable Tv anywhere, just go to CNN’s official website.

How much do I pay for CNN Streaming?

CNN membership cost is $2.99 per month and you will take access to the Network’s Livestream, and Weather Channels and you can watch TV on-demand official programs. CNN also gives facilities of features like local forecasts, radar, and real-time maps.

Is Amazon Prime giving CNN News Streaming?

Mostly live channels in TC like CNN, FOX, ESPN, etc are not available on Amazon Prime. If you want to watch these channels you should get their monthly subscription fees which start from $35 per month.


CNN is the first news channel that are providing 24/7 services with new technology. Has been highly reported with a high rating in the US. Most users are from the United States. The first channel covers different events.

You can easily watch CNN live stream from their official website and YouTube, and also you can watch by giving subscription fees. That will give you more features. 

Hope you have got all information related to CNN live stream, CNN history, Awards & Achievements, and Answers to different questions in your mind. Keep in touch with us for more interesting articles that will help you.

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