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Al jazeera Arabic

Al Jazeera is the best word of Arabic traditional media channel of the Doha-based state funded. It owned by Aljazeera media networks. In the beginning, this channel is in Arabic news and offering a current reporting on the region of Arab. Aljazeera expanded their roots all across the world to broadcast some realistic content about analyzing the general reporting. This network introduces multiple channels in many regions in their language.

Channel, AlJazeera Arabic news was launched in November 1996. It has the best organizational structure with 80 bureaus around the world. The Qatar government owns it. It has the best picture quality with both 1080i HD and 576i SD. Its headquarter in Doha, Qatar. Initially on the starting, Aljazeera broadcast their transmission 24 hours with more than hundreds of it employs. On that time the estimating budget of an annual report is increasing to $24 million. Aljazeera ranked 1st in the Arab channels having 35 million viewership all across the world and 70 satellite or terrestrial channel being broadcast to the middle east. In many regions, it has sponsored broadcasting with the middle east broadcasting center , Arab news network, British Sky Broadcasting.

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[expand title=”Read more about Al Jzeera Arabic news live”]Dr. Mostefa Souag is the present Director General of Al Jazeera Arabic live streaming online. This network has more than 100 editorial staff. Faisal al-Qassem and Ahmed Mansour is the prominent personalities hosting the famous shows like “The Opposite Direction” and “Without Borders”. TV introduces the freedom of speech on the TV channel in many of countries. In various controversies, the reporting on several issues about Arab states, Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and the Egyptian judiciary banned this channel. In the future planning of this network, they are introducing Aljazeera Urdu in the language of Urdu for the people of Pakistan or possibly some Indian. Arabic live is also involved information of some best documentaries like the invasion of Iraq award winning control room, A nation is waiting, the UNC tour is some of these. This channel is assigned various time Prince clause award for creating spaces of freedom. Webby Award nominates this channel is the best channel ever of the top 5 news network in the world. Aljazeera has some best competitors in this era like Al Mayadeen, Al-Alam, BBC Arabic television and euro news.[/expand]

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