Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr

Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr

Mubasher is the Arabic word meaning vivir. It is launched by AlJazeera networks on 15 April 2005. It is also known as Al Jazeera. For the upgradation of the graphics used parent company Aljazeera network. Broadcasting news features for 24 hours in the Middle Eastern countries. It is popular for generating an eye-catching view of real-time reporting on the events of religion in all across the Arab.

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[expand title=”Read more about TV”]The language used in this channel is Arabic. It broadcast the lecture of scholars without editing or comments. It also provides subtitles if translation to be needed in other covers the events, debates conferences, and parliamentary issues. You can say it has the same effect like C-SPAN and Phoenix.

Some Motives:

  • All the events are unfolded for direct collaboration of viewership.
  • Providing space for people to airs their views.
  • Create essence for the feedback, promoting issues to get an impact on the people

Also Known as Al Jazeera Live

This channel has live streaming. It is 1st Middle Eastern 24 hours broadcasting capability to transmit the live political gathering, press conferences, meeting bringing audience approach on the report and economic affairs. Because of the controversies temporarily suspended in Misr so the new combined channel is Al-Jazeera Al Amma. it reports all the news of all over the globe. In the suspended period Doha headquarter use YouTube and Reuters for the transmission of videos and press conferences. AlJazeera Al Amma contributes reporting on the frequency of this for circulating their views.


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