BBC Persian

BBC Persian

BBC Persian television is a Persian news channel that is controlled by the department of TV. It broadcasts its programs from its headquarters in Broadcasting House, London, UK and produces its programs in Persian languages. Its broadcasting area is the United Kingdom that aimed at 100 million Persian speakers in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Uzbekistan.

It was begun on 14 January 2009 (about five years ago). It provides its services only for 8 hours each day. This channel tries to cover a large variety of programs such as current affairs, science, culture programs, documentaries, business and art shows. It also produces entertainment programs including Top Gear and channel Sound with the dibbing in Persian. This channel services may be accessed by satellite television.

BBC Persian television has its annual budget £15 million that is usually funded by the FCO (Foreign and common office) but on 1st April 2014, all Worlds funding were transfer to the Fee license model that is paid by UK residents who watch television.

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[expand title=”Read more about TV”]In June 2009, Persian’s satellite started to broadcast along with BBC Arabic Television, Other Services and another broadcaster due to jamming signal in Iran. It is highly criticized by Iranian state television due to manipulating the Iranian public against the Islamic Republic, but channels denies that. This jamming resumed on 20 December 2009 but on 20 December 2009 closed its transmission from the satellite and continues its transmissions from Telstar 12.Eutelsat W2M and Atlantic Bird 4A satellites. On 26 May 2010 again returns on 6. In February 2011 this channel again faced jamming on hot bird then this channel showed only for some months by a test card along with audio services but in February 2012 it is back on Hot Bird again.

Awards for Television:

On 4 November 2004, this channel was honored for “Clearest coverage of a single news event-television” by the Association for International Broadcasting and also awarded for “the elections that shock Iran”. On 20 November 2009, it was honored with “Best news channel” at Hot Bird TV Awards in Venice, Italy.

Sister channels:

  • BBC World Service Television (facilitate with international news and current affairs)
  • BBC Arabic Television (provide top stories twice a day


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