Sky News UK

Sky News HD (UK)

Sky News Britain made news network in the world. For the sake of knowledge and the enhancement of curricular activities in all fields of life, pulled on air on the screen. It is operated and distributed by Fox network group. The date of launch is five February 1989. This media network has the best sharing …

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BBC Parliament


  BBC Parliament belongs to British media. Parliament channel has more influence in covering aspects of assembly halls, selected committees, parliamentarian speeches, political and trade parties. It’s on air their form transmission parliament of London, European, and Ireland. These broadcasting services put them on the front line of the media organization. Parliament network has eye-catching …

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BBC World News

BBC World News is one of the busiest platform of the globe in the media industry. Its worldwide resemblance shows suitable appearance to create most efficient news of all along the world. This media network gains the fastest growth in stimulating knowledge across the board. So far, channel has a high strength to manipulate the social issues, …

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BBC News

BBC is the big organization of the world containing a significant development in media industries. It creates all about the best efforts in news breaking, journalism, documentary, current affair programs, discussions, analyzed sessions of social issues. Channel builds up a stronger impression every ten years of their availability in the history of 19th century. In …

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BBC Persian

BBC persian logo

BBC Persian television is a Persian news channel that is controlled by the department of TV. It broadcasts its programs from its headquarters in Broadcasting House, London, UK and produces its programs in Persian languages. Its broadcasting area is the United Kingdom that aimed at 100 million Persian speakers in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Uzbekistan. …

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