Canal Nou 24

Canal Nou 24

This channel was launch on 3 February 2009 by the owned organization of radio television Valenciana which is formal, called name is “24/9”. It live stream online is used to the broadcasting of informative programs, which are watched in the Valencian region through digital terrestrial television. Besides this, many types of educational interview videos and documents reports are telecasting on that channel. The language uses to deliver relating news facets in Valencian in the country of Spain. The place of headquarter is burjassot, Spain. In 2010 the channel is renamed 9/24 with this TV. TV live streaming online concentrating on the information of weather after fifteen-minute news bulletin every half hour linking national and international weather reports. This channel is also supporting investigating reports on diverse issues, interviewing the skilled people of their regarding field to explain the issue.

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On weekdays Anna Valls presented their show morning papers, Arnau benlloch , Josep Puchades and Nadia Alonso are also representing their expressive style in afternoon and midnight. These four faces are familiar face of Valencian people .some of the reason stops transmitting till the date of  29-11-2013 as an RTVV group.

In the corresponding area of Valencia, the slogan is La Nostra preparing the people to understand some basic values about news and realistic info. So here you can see the best streaming of this channel to increase the momentum of your best thought. So we consider your imagination is catching the respectful source of HD visual streaming on this site.


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