CNA News Live Streaming

CNA is a well-known news and entertainment channel of Singapore which provides information about Politics, sports, health, climate, technology and entertainment etc. The owner of this entertainment channel is Singapore government. This multinational channel provide news usually in the English language in 24 hours.

CNA stand for channel NewAsia and the main office of this channel is located in Queenstown Singapore. In 29 states, this channel is working free for the government’s welfare. CNA channel is working as western international media from the Asian perspective in the coverage of news.

This channel is under control by the MediaCorp News Pte Ltd which is the secondary Singapore’s media Pte Ltd. The main working purpose of this channel is to provide news and current situation of the whole country. Mainly, this channel provide news in international language English and also produce news in few official languages.

Watch CNA News Live Streaming

ll the news are live produced by the online plate form of MediaCorp. also this plate from is working for the some other entertainment channels like Channel U, Channel 8, Channel Suria and so on in their national language. Further, CNA provide more news and entertainment programs by the Domestic radio Station. This radio station is only working for Channel NewAsia for different programs.

Every person can watch CNA news through live streaming in Singapore and worldwide. Also, this is linked with all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There are some specific apps which are specially designed by for tablet and mobile user. It allows as to view news anywhere anytime in the presence of network.

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