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Do you want to learn more about what’s happening in Maharashtra? Check out Mi Marathi News, a website that provides up-to-date information about current events and news stories in the state of Maharashtra. You can read articles written in both English and Marathi, making it easy for everyone to stay informed. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, be sure to check out this website for all the latest news!

Mi Marathi is an entertainment channel, which is display on television with live streaming in the Marathi language. Owner of Mi Marathi channel is Shri Adhikari brothers in the language of Marathi. The programs, which they are showing is the categories of cooking, family drama, movies, news and shows. Location of the headquarters is located at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Owner company which is “Sri Brothers Media Limited”. The story is of the journey of the Sri Adhikari brothers which are a pioneer in the media industry of television. They have a superb and mind blowing programming and content proficiency. 1985 is the year when the journey and they establish their venture. The company is led by the two-person duo, and they are Mr Markand Adhikari and Mr Gautam Adhikari.

Experiment which they start with a small scale and after ten years they put this on a height of the sky. Make it to such limits that everyone can see. The year when they started both the NSE and BSE welcome this business. Afterwards making the SAB be the first company and organization, which is listed publicly. AS the growth is never stopping thing and after achieving great success in the content production. This organization start to think and make a grab in the integration of the broadcasting. It is a logical extension, which integrates with the existing business which they are running.

Being such a fabulous news channel which provide entertainment. Making all the people of the Marathi and making them entertained and joyful. Getting a great response of the SAB TV the team, which are working have decided to make them a platform. Thinking about both the employees who are working and also about the viewers. Putting the burden of work is not their aim to the employee but gaining quality work instead of quantity is their motto.

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More Information:

Picture Format 576i (4 : 3) SDTV
Website Mimarathi.tv
Country Hindustan
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Language Marathi

Availability Satellite:

Videocon d2h Chnl. No. 756
Tata Sky Chnl. No. 790


Hathway Chnl. No. 527

Mi Marathi Program Details:

Non Fiction:

Genre Days Name in Latin Script Time Name in Devanagari Script
Variety Wed – Thurs Bole To Malamaal 9:00 pm बोले तो मालामाल
Reality Musical Mon-Tue Awaaz Maharashtratcha 9:00 pm आवाज महाराष्ट्राच़ा
Astrology Mon-Sat Bhavishyavar Bolu Kahi 6:30 pm भविष्यावर बोलू काही
Entertainment Sat-Sun It’s Show Time 5:30 pm इट्स शो टाइम
Food Mon-Fri Lazzatdar 2:30 pm लज़्ज़तदार
Variety Daily Mogra Phulala 7:30 am मोगरा फुलला

The programs, which are shown Monday to Saturday are given below:

Name in the Latin Script Name of the show in Devanagari Script Starting Time of the show Ending time of the show Days on which the show came
Anolkhi Vaibhav Shinde अनोळखी वैभव शिंदे 8 : 00 pm’s 8 : 30 pm’s Mon – Sat
Kanyadaan कन्यादान 7 : 00 pm’s 7 : 30 pm’s Mon – Sat
Phiruni Navi Janmen Mi फिरूनी नवी जन्मेन मी 7 : 30 pm’s 8 : 00 pm’s Mon – Sat

Programs which are shown from 8 : 30 Pm to 9 : 00 pm.

Name in Devanagari Script Name in Latin Script Days
ब्रह्मांडनायक गण गण गणांत बोते Bramahandnayak-Gan Gan Ganat Bote Mon-Wed
कृपासिंधू भिऊ नकोस मी तुझा पाठीशी आहे Krupasindhu-Bhiu Nakos Mi Tujha Pathishi Aahe Thurs-Sat

10 : 00 pm’s shows.

Name in Latin Script Days Name in Devanagari Script
Maddam Sasu Daddam Soon Wed-Thurs मड्डम सासू ढड्डम सून
Shreemant Gangadhar Panta Fri-Sat रीमंत गंगाधर पंत
Nana O Nana Mon-Tue नाना ओ नाना

9 : 00 pm to 10 : 00 pm.

Name in Devanagari Script Days Name in Latin Script
१ तास भुताच़ा Fri – Sat 1 Taas Bhutacha

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