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9 News is also known as radio Philippines platform. Filipino based media company which is owned and co-owned by many different companies. First is presidential communication operations office which is also known as Nine Media Corporation. The second one is Far East managers and investors and many more private companies which were interested in that. Found on June 29, 1960, and founder name is Roberto Benedicto. The first informative channel who tells and stay tuned for all the stories about Filipinos. That’s why the title of this canal is also a “we tell the story of the Filipino”. 9 News is the famous due to its broadcast commercial radio and television . It is the first Hindi gossip channel which is made for the Philippines and in their country. CNN Philippines held in 97 Panay Avenue Brgy, Quezon City. After the founder, it was controlled by the current government owned and International Broadcasting Corporation. Now as days Radio is associated with CNN Philippines.

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[jwplayer player=”1″ file=”″ primary=”html5″ androidhls=”true”] [expand title=”Read more about TV Channel”]History of broadcasting:

The broadcasting is entered into the platform in 1969. After entrance into television field, it launches its first TV stations in a shape of the network named as KBS-9 Manila and KBS-12 Baguio. Totally support from the CBN from its old headquarters. The colors which are putting in  programs were totally donated from Toshiba. As their efforts when it was launched its program named as Accucolor. Accucolor is derived from the color technology which was used in that time. It was launched in full of colors as first CNN television.

Arrange news events in different years:

In the mid of 1970 KBS was become a major broadcast event and sports insurance channel. From which many more information and gossips were taken about news and sports.

In 1975 other network that name was Kanlaon also became a big broadcasting radio Philippines network.

After the success, the network also aired many programs import from the United States. Basketball association games which were held in 1976 at that time CNN was the first network who cover all the games live on television just before moved on BBC 2. On March 2007 begun to start work with solar entertainment corporation for enhancement of cable channels in the country. This company started work for making new programs for the platform. On January 2014 RPN and Aliw Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) declared the agreement for the longer changes and made a both TV and radio for the News 9. Not only within the country but also nationwide.[/expand]

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