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Headlines Today is launched on April 7, 2003. The sister channel is Aaj Tak news channel. The language of this platform is English, but its launching country is India. The owner of this canal is Living media which is the part of TV Today Network Ltd. It broadcast only within the India. Headquarter of TV situated in Delhi, India.

It is a first ever news platform which is English language television network based in New Delhi. It carries current affairs, gossips and also a business programming.

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Headlines Today Live Programs:

It has many informative programs includes: wheel spin, EQ, the big ticket, grandstand and sports today. There are many programs on this channel, but one is most famous all across the Indian peoples for its work and funny way. That named as So Sorry. It is a show in which cartoonist appearance of all politics in shown. From which peoples interested and more liked. For its comedian role, which are based on all political personalities gave more positive responses. So sorry won different awards for its performance and these are following:

  • Winner of BCS Ratna award 2015 best politoon
  • Winner of Ficci Baf 2015 show of the year
  • Best animation awards of 2015
  • Winner of Indian television academic award of 2014

Some of these programs are shown on the channel on different time of the day under the presence of talented anchors:

  • News today at nine
  • News room
  • Sports today
  • First up
  • To the point with Karan Thappar
  • Good news today
  • Up South

All of these programs anchored by different personalities which put more power and lightning in the program on air.


  • Karan Thappar: He is television professional.
  • Rajdeep Sardesai: He is a editor now and also anchors main headlines.
  • Rahul Kanwal: He is the person who gave debates on every single evening.
  • Shiv aroor: He gave India’s reports and also a deputy editor of this channel.
  • Preeti choudhary: She is an anchor with a senior correspondent.
  • T S Sudhir: He is hold at all south with TV network.
  • Seemi Pasha: She is an associate editor of this platform.
  • Shivani Gupta: She aware about sports.

Just from all of these it is India’s leading channel which gave information on many topics like latest headlines, breaking news from all across the India, world, sport, entertainment and comedy also.[/expand]

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