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France 24 is a news channel which is performing their role and efforts in French media industry. The purpose is to develop the informational behavior and view of judgment on different issues in the society. All the stories are relevant to the subject of current affairs in the France. This medium of international news launched at the end of 2006. It starts their regular transmission on 6 December 2006. The rights of the channel are reserved for the France Medias Monde. Channel use three types of language like French, Arabic, and English to demonstrate the broadcasting perspective. In the beginning, it is called as a chaine francaised information Internationale.

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France 24 transmits their coverage via using the relative sources of Groupe TF1 and France Television. It can improvise the telecasting aspects and generate a great analysis for the audience. Therefore 260 skilled journalists promote the screen shares on all across the world. The there suitable source of information conveys the actual situation of living conditions. Some of the most positive points of this channel are it contributes their information updates in all over the day and all over the night. Some of the journalists awake all the night when other are in a rest position.

This media network has the goal in the future to enhance the national influence and take the intention of internal viewership in all across the globe. Channel generates debates, analyses, dialogue on a different era of news information. Media network uses hundreds of million in every year for the project enhancement. The availability of this channel is provided via terrestrial cable and on IPTV in all countries of the region. Some of the technological reforms are also considerable for the sharing of this network via live streaming, hybrid broadcasting, SES, Astra, and apps.


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