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CBC News Network is news network for the Canadian people. It is launched in 1941 and has the goal to maintain the national values and unplug the recent event and the occurrence of social issues in front of Canadians. It is managing both television and radio for the sake of news and information. Media is known as CBC News network and CBC Radio. Headquarter of this network takes place in Canadian broadcasting center Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Although, television network is not used only for news although the weather reports, entertainment programs, sports stuff is on air from this channel.  Also, provides their services in Canada and outside of the country under the owned organization of CBC. Also have news bureaus in the countries and outside the countries. Some of these

  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Windsor, Ontario Kelowna,
  • British Columbia

For weather reports and information news channel launches their section regarding with weather. Department has a local station to distributes the general information about weather. In the panel of the meteorologist, some best persons give their hard work for this channel. These are Kalin Mitchell, Farah Singh, Tanara Mclean and Ian Black. And also the National, Doc Zone, Marketplace, power, and politics are the best general programs.

Their journalist and other technical staff work under the expectation of people and policies of the government. Sometimes the broadcasting of the Media has responded to criticism and allegation in different realities like 2011 election campaign and 2015 Canadian federal election. After that, it needs to be reform in the accuracy of reports, the journalism values, and good discussion appearance.


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