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hispan-tv-iranHispan tv belongs to the country of Iran having the stuff to introduced as a news channel in all over the world. The transmission of this network starts from 21 December 2011. TV en espanol is owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. The launching spectrum of this is to provide their transmission in all over the world. The demonstration and informational activities of all the news are present in the language of Spanish. The transformation of this network spread-out all across the globe like Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, and also some states of Latin America.

Mohammad Sarfraz is director general of this media. He is providing his effort to developing the unbiased image of this network whole around the specific area.The screen shots have the ability to endorse the best presentation of picture quality in HD. It had a goal to achieve the success in providing the accurate and investigated content from all region.This media network also has sister channel to enhance the power ingredient in news industries. These are IRINN, Al Alam, and Press TV.

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This information give the acceptance certificate for the audience of the Latin America which is easily understood Spanish. The availability of this channel is on the cable, terrestrial, and satellite. Media network also using the web base portals for delivering their informational material on online sources.

Best Programs are:

  • El Color del Dinero,                                                                  Irán Hoy
  • Diálogo Abierto,                                                                        La Gran Historia
  • Cine a Contra Corriente                                                         Más allá de la imagen
  • Epílogo                                                                                          Al – Ándalus
  • Al Natural,                                                                                    Cara a Cara

TV Reporters:

  • Juan José Dorado
  • Guatemala Héctor Chinchilla
  • Asa Esfandiari
  • Ali Gudarzi
  • Arturo Calvillo
  • Jimmy Sánchez
  • Jorge de la Quintana
  • Eloy Torres
  • Marcelo Sánchez
  • Bashar Barazi

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