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Kolkata TV

Kolkata TV is one of the most success branches of the media company in India. It is a 24-hour newscaster channel in Bengal which was launched by SST Media in the year of 2006. After launching it will get more success and reached the high level in talkative channels list. The exact date of launching was 27 March 2006. It was getting more popularity just because of its attractive slogan. That is related to simple life “Raat Din Saatdin”. Mostly peoples watched the Kolkata TV live channel news and programs due to its easy and very casual speaking slogan.


Watch Kolkata TV News Live Streaming 

All of the news and live telecast are shown in the Bengali language. Which is easy to understand and easy to reach every single and uneducated person of that existing country. All of the information are broadcast only in West Bengal of India. As sown by name it is only shown programs only with in the city of Kolkata.

Recently Kolkata TV  is owned by R.P Tec Vision Pvt Ltd India. The platform has only one main headquarter which is held near to Park Street opposite the white house in Kolkata West Bengal.

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[expand title=”Read more about Channel”]Channel is a big platform for spreading talks and programs which are commonly based on hourly news. This canal has a big range programs and tv channels. On that different types of major news are discussed and gave proper information about that. Through with all events, it is shown much national and international news from which people inspired and took gossips and information.

There are following competitors are in the market and these are following:

  • ABP Ananda
  • Tara News
  • The News Time
  • 10 channel
  • 24 Ghanta

There are many popular programs which are shown on this platform and some of these named are given below:

  • Ei Muhurte
  • Sambad Saradin
  • Subeshini
  • Colour Bar

Now a days, the flood and the rain stories and gossips are seen. The whole city is gripped under a large amount of rainy water. But thelive channel provides minute to minute news to its viewers. The channel has its newspaper. Which is daily based paper? When the city is getting up in the morning, then they took and read all of the last night and days passed history, and stories easily from that. Many peoples are destroyed due to heavily rained all of this information is taken by Kolkata live streaming and newspaper. City sports, entertainment, gossips, interesting information’s and many more ideas are discussed in all of that.[/expand]

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