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Sandesh it is an Indian Newspaper and the leading one in Gujarat. It is founded in the year 1923. Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhuj and Bhavnagar are the location where this Ahmedabad Gujarati newspaper gets to publish. There are seven various publication supplements for this newspaper. All of them are (Ardha Saptahik, Kids World, Sanskar, Action Replay, Nakshatra, Nari, Cine Sandesh, Business@sandesh and Shraddha). Sandesh is not just published locally but also Sandesh international is also present, and it is from Illinois, Chicago and the United States.

Across the world and round the clock they reach those areas in Gujarat which are powerful, and the audience wants to know about them more and more. Opinions are shaped when the news is break buy identifying the facts and the figures. Following the truth and giving the real story which is beside the incident. Whenever any incident occurs anywhere. Being independent and powerful, Sandesh is not just a lower class company. The power and strong will of doing the work which they have they do not stand on the sideline. Diving in the problem and giving all the reality to the viewers. All the importance of the stories is to bring to light and shown to all the world with accurate means.

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Fact is that the power which brings the change is in the hands of the young generation or we can say the generation which does not wait. Being in this newspaper, they are giving the youth which empowering them for the future.

The vision of this organization is to enable interaction, connect and engage not only locally but a global library of information. Information of the library is connected to those who want to know the information at a time mean “NOW”. Vast tradition media roots strength is combined with the platform which is advance and digital. The power of choice is delivering all time and making them think and get acknowledgment. Through this better decision are going to develop and to think more and more about an issue. Giving all perspective information enable them to get more broadmindedness and to check each and everything.

Sandesh is not just chasing the change to bring just only the change. Reason for this is the hand which rules the press, the screen, the radio and magazine which are far spreader rule the world. It is challenging the status quo. To beach mark themselves and make themselves to the top and reach the high standards of credibility. It is the only reason which makes this company one of the largest and influential media houses in the whole region. Their legacy is to present the definitive voice of the journalism and also the irrepressible spirits. The tradition which is coming form 90 years and become unparalleled. Breaking it and breaking the dawn with the coming of the dynamic editorial team. With the great team, they want the powerful network to get hold and also the latest technology and an upgraded one.

Besides, to that all influential distributers and venture associate delivery which is a 9-year-old tradition on your door and neglecting this tradition. Bringing a tradition which is unique in the synthesis of views, upright journalism and information. Unparalleled neutrality and authenticity is the first attack on every story or somewhat real or unreal life. It will bring enough knowledge to the viewer that they can distinguish between it that it is authentic or not. Covering the main points and getting to the top and keep on leading is the motto.

More Information:

Type Daily Newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner The Sandesh Ltd.
Publisher Falgunbhai Patel
Editor Falgunbhai Patel
Founded 1923
Language Gujarati
Headquarters Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Free Online Archives
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