MNX TV Schedule

Program Start Time Description
RocknRolla 10:29:00 PM A thief names Trio called the Wild Bunch try to steal the cash from the bank and scam many millions grab of the city’s and grab their attractions. After doing his all attempts one unexpected man too tries to get money of the loot.
Ip Man: The Final Fight 12:21:00 AM The man which is called IP man who suffers from gastric pain, and faces a lot of difficulties and challenges. After completing his all attempts he travels to Hong Kong and starts teaching Wing Chun.
The Wrath Of Vajra 02:00:00 AM A story of man names Hades, who trained a child, names K-29 to be deadly fighter. The boy follows the Shaolin Temple and the boy would faces the imperialist Japan’s latest plot through Hades in future.
Mabel’s Busy Day 03:50:00 AM A girl names Tipsy finds her box of hot dogs and begins to distribute them amongst the hungry crowd. When Mable know this thins he feels jealous and call to police.
Fly Me To The Moon 04:06:00 AM ………..
Love Is In The Air 05:52:00 AM A lawyer names Antoine belongs to New York, and rounds for a job Interview to France. His ex-girlfriend names Julie whose

Seat is next to him in flight. He has to make awkward conservation with her.

Wild For The Night 07:33:00 AM The man murder his sister and returns to home back to solve the issue of his sister death. Actually, he is an ex-convict and the authorities forces helps him to cover illegal activities at the nightclub.
Two Champions Of Shaolin 09:20:00 AM The boy names Tung-Chen-Chen wants to take the revenge from the Wutang members. That’s why he seeks help from a Shaolin master of knife throwing.
Alien Vs Ninja 11:08:00 AM A group of Ninja Warriors discover the dead bodies of other ninja soliders and finds assailants from all around, after the Yamata reach a crash site.
Shinjuku Incident 12:26:00 PM
XXX: State Of The Union 02:05:00 PM In the XXX programme, a new agent names Darius Stone is recruited to face the rouge military faction from overthrowing the United State government.
Three Kings 03:46:00 PM The story of three solider, a few unexpected discoveries turns the adventurous joyride into a mission.
Mr. & Mrs. Smith 05:36:00 PM A man and a woman works as an agent and they struggle to keep their marriage alive until they realise they are both secretly working as assassins. But at last, their respective gave them assignment to kill each other.
The Possession Of Hannah Grace 07:41:00 PM The dead body of girl handed over to morgue guarded and the officer takes care and he faces unnatural events because a demon seeks refuge into her body. And she was died due to an unruly exorcism.
Octopussy 09:00:00 PM ………..
What We Found 11:17:00 PM …………

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