Zee Action Tv Schedule Today

Program Start Time Description
Itihaas 10:56:00 PM ………
Charulatha The Twins 01:26:00 AM This program is horror, the Charu and Latha both are twin sisters. Ravi falls in love with Charu and her mother decided to separate the twin by a surgical method. In this case Latha dies and she returns to seek revenge for her untimely demise. At last she begins to haunt her sibling.
Filler 03:29:00 AM Movie,,,,,,
Ghulami Ki Zanjeer 03:59:00 AM The movie depends upon entertainment.
Teleshopping 06:27:00 AM The host provides information regarding to a wide selection of products that can be easily purchased from the comfort of one’s home.
Ek Joshila 07:57:00 AM The story of strong man who fights against the bad peoples and saves people form them. He is a kind man and want to struggle and motivate those people who live their lives with fear.
Ghayal Once Again 08:57:00 AM ……………
Gaddaar 11:27:00 AM Story of two best friends, Sunny and Vijay, and they both fall in love with the same girl. As a result, Sunny tries to use Vijay as a pawn in his schemes.
Shakti – The Power 02:30:00 PM A couple Nandini and Shekhar and their young son lives a peaceful life in Canada. They plan to visit the Shekhar’s family in India and this plan puts them in the middle of battle and the fight for survival.
Main Faisla Karunga 05:31:00 PM A man who is very excited on the birth of their twin babies. But his happiness is short-lived because one of his child disappears form the train.
The Don 07:58:00 PM A simple man who became a victim of circumstances and committed a serious crime. After this the man search for the person who led him to commit the crime first.
Nagavanshi 11:00:00 PM The story of woman who wants to take revenge on those people who killed her during she was trying to protect the artefact of belonging Lord Shiva.

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