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Naxatra News the most famous news channel among the people and unique to those which are Odia speaking. The live streaming of it is in Odia language, and the web portal or the online Naxatra News website is available in a different style for the better understanding of the people. Especially in English because it is the one language which most people know. NK Media Venture is the company which own this news network, and it is their first network which is 24-hour air. It means the Naxatra News live streaming is display to the viewer 24 hours all day.

2009 is the year when it set up and the location for set up in Bhubaneswar. The main focus is to provide the current affairs of Oriya and display them to the people and being the group’s maiden foray into the media. Promoter for this network is Prabhat Rajan Mallick. Airing the international, national and also the local news’s and displaying them to the people around the world. Mainly targeting the local news and focusing more on it. The reason behind this is that Odisha people are more interested in listening to this news. They are more concern to what happing in their city rather than that of other.

APTN which stand for Associated Press Television News is tied up by this network for the content they are providing. Apart from this, they are also providing a different show which is information base mean those which help in getting knowledgeable to other. Discussion on the current affairs is also done and also the panel discussion along with the talk shows. For the people, this channel is providing a source of entertainment. It is basically for the female they want to hear the news’s of which actor or actress is getting married today or with whom person. Female mostly want this kind of information for gossips with their friends and others.

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For them, the category of entertainment is provided which include this kind of information. Apart from them they also thing for the male they have produced a separate group of sports for the enjoyment of male. Usually, the youth want information about sports and also the old one like sports. It is a separate thing from daily life thing to get relax from the life activities and also from the disturbing life news. Moreover, for the youth, one of the best things they show is the program of education. In which they get various information from universities and college.

Which are better for which field and also which are only playing with their future. For the old people, there is one thing which they want to listen to most is politics, and this program is also on the web portal. Which party is getting up and getting strong to hold the nation and which one is getting week all other information is present. Crime is one face which is very typical and the horror face of life.

Showing the truth behind this disgusting thing which the people do. Also telling the real story along with the powerful faces behind the story. Which are involved to make it hidden as much as possible and providing justice to the right one person. Also this network thing about their team and provide them with good facilities and other things which help in them work more and more.

More Details:

Owner NK Media Ventures
Type Broadcasting television network
Headquarters Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Hindustan
Country Hindustan
Availability National
Contact Details Phone No. : 0674 255 3033, 0674 255 1665
Email :
F/4, Indradhanu Market (Third Floor)
Nayapalli,Bhubaneswar (Odisha) Country: India. ,Post/Zip Code: 751015
Programs Recent Videos, Sate, World, Sports, National, Business, Entertainment, Education, Crime, Offbeat, Politics.

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