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Rajya Sabha TV was founded on 26 August 2011. The first owner name was Rajya Sabha. She called her channel with her original name. This channel is only work in India, but the languages which are used is Hindi and English. Broadcast area of this platform within the whole world. The main branch or headquarters of RSTV is in New Delhi India. It is and Indian cable television network platform that covers all the news and interesting information in the upper house of the parliament of India. RSTV includes all the telecast live on which mostly political issues bring in the sight.

Rajya Sabha TV Live Streaming Online

[expand title=”Read more about (RSTV)”]Speciality:

To its viewers also provide a basic platform on which they can see and watch whole the affairs of the nation or international are discussed. Also, prepare different categories of peoples to learn about knowledge-based programs. The business which is done or held under the presence of parliament from this channel also took a special attention. Through this transmission also took many ideas which you must put in your business.

Encouraging relationship:

The relation between the peoples and the parliament members is a very conscious role. But from this canal, all of the relationships are conceptualized between both of them. Suddenly took a chance to provide its aim that is providing an ideal thinking between national and international affairs among the people of India. The main intention of this channel is RSTV which together from all sides of social, political and cultural life of the peoples. It also promotes many scientific matters besides masses.

The first time in India and the first channel  (RSTV) which discuss the story of the Constitution of India how it’s created and how it is impellent in real life. It was produced mini TV series which named as Samvidhan created by Shyam Bengal.

RSTV Programs:

RSTV is well known for its current affairs programs which got famous importance in the community of students. The following list of this transmission programs:

  • The Big Picture
  • India World
  • Indian started time
  • Desh Deshantar
  • World Panorama
  • Policy Watch
  • Sarokaar
  • Media Manthan
  • Samvidhaan

Samvidhaan is most popular show because in this all of the topic and news about the Constitution of Parliament of India.

Cooperation with partner:

Rajya Sabha TV works with the cooperation with Lok Sabha. This news and TV channel also works for the unity of the nation and force to faith the people in parliament democracy.


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