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SCTV live is also known as Surya Citra Television is an Indonesian TV channel, it is an exclusive organization. Its administrative center is in South Jakarta. It was launched on August 24, 1990. SCTV Live news programs films, late nation, and urban communities refresh, Maghreb supplications strict projects.

However, it is thoroughly free transmission live satellite or link organizations. The legislative supported station of SCTV, sister channel Indosiar, Elshinta TV, O Channel, RCTI and furthermore accessible in the Philippines underneath the center east that is channel148.

In addition, here you can likewise Watch MNC TV Streaming Online. However, SCTV Indonesia made its absolute first presentation on the fine day of August 24, 1990. In those days, it was a private venture. Furthermore, it did not have the permission to run the channel all alone.

The channel generally ran unfamiliar in the first place because of this reason. After a brief timeframe, SCTV Indonesia was distributed authorization to work autonomously. Also, the channel had the option to make its own substance and day-by-day news reports due to this reason. SCTV Live Streaming.

Simultaneously, the channel moved its office to Jakarta. Also right now, SCTV Indonesia is situated in central Jakarta.

Type: Television network
Country: Indonesia
Broadcast Area: Indonesia
Headquarters: SCTV Tower, Senayan City, Jalan Asia Africa Lot 19, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta
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What is Live Streaming?

On the web, live streaming is the telecom of an ongoing, live video to a group of people. All you should have the option to live transfer is a web empowered gadget, similar to a cell phone or tablet, and a stage to communicate on.

However, over the Internet, Streaming TV is the computerized dissemination of TV content, for example, TV shows, as web-based media are conveyed. Streaming TV remains as opposed to devoted earthly TV conveyed by over-the-air aeronautical frameworks, digital TV, as well as satellite TV frameworks.

Why is it Popular?

The opportunity to be makers and moderators of their own substance is offered to youngsters by live streaming, not simply aloof safeguards of others. The promptness of it is likewise engaging. It is ‘bona fide’ in that there is no altering cycle and watchers can track and remark continuously.

The customary web-based media stages like Facebook and Instagram have embraced live streaming into their in-application experience with the stages like You Now, Live Me, and Periscope acquiring an expanding following.

Furthermore, it can assist youngsters with interfacing with others on the web, grandstand their abilities and foster their relational abilities. As crowds develop, live streaming can fabricate youngsters’ certainty.

On YouTube, this live streamlining channel SCTV has more than 16.7 million subscribers. Moreover, this channel also achieved more than 7.9 billion views respectively.


The ownership of SCTV Live Indonesia is fundamentally by Surya Sitra Media. Alongside other diversion programs, the channel is a successful Sports programming too. Alongside weather conditions refreshes, the SCTV Live Indonesia communicates real-time news reports each and every day.

Also for their everyday news and climate forecasts, the neighborhood local area depends on the channel. The live spilling of the channel on their authority site you can undoubtedly watch. With HD quality, the crowd can see recordings and different projects live from the channel’s studios.

With first-rate television shows and late-evening programming concerning the content of SCTV Indonesia, indeed, the channel is viewed as perhaps the best divert in Indonesia to present its crowd.


A seriously colossal staff has been working for the channel SCTV Indonesia. There is an entire group of makers, commentators, show hosts, and other experienced representatives. The channel is controlled by the most gifted laborer who can work in a tight climate and does not avoid taking difficulties.

For the climate conduct of the area, there is present an entire group of meteorologists who effectively watch out. In like manner, if there should arise an occurrence of any climate crisis, the group quickly conveys messages to the central command.

Alongside that, to draw out the most legitimate stories for their watchers, the group of correspondents is also similarly effective in their work and attempts.

Owners: Bimantara Citra (1989 to 2000)

Sudwikatmono and Henry Pribadi (1989 to 1997)

Indika Group (1996 to 2001)

Mitrasari Persada and Datakom Asia (1998 to 2001)

Surya Citra Media (2001 to present)

Parent: Elang Mahkota Teknologi
Key people: Sutanto Hartono
Sister channels: RCTI (1990 to 2000)

Indosiar (2011 to present)

Elshinta TV (2011 to 2013)

O Channel (2004 to present)

Mentari TV (2021 to present)

Local Programming

The partnered TV channel of SCTV live in East Java sent off Liputan 6 SCTV, a limited broadcast that must be seen in Surabaya in the year 2001. Moreover, in the year 1997, the North Sumatra form of Liputan 6 SCTV is seen on SCTV Medan at 9:30 am and once again run at 4:00 pm on SCTV; this variant appeared. Furthermore, extra TV nearby O Channel projects may likewise be seen by contingent upon the transfer station.

Soap Operas

SCTV recently went to Screenplay Productions and Amanah Surga Produksi also known AS Productions to create dramas. There are “Cowokku Superboy” means ‘My Boyfriend is Superboy’, “Bidadari Takut Jatuh Cinta” means ‘Angel Who is Scared of Falling in Love’, “Putih Abu-Abu” means ‘White and Gray’ since 2012, “Cintaku Bersemi di Putih Abu-Abu” means ‘My Love Blooms in White and Gray’, “The Series” since 2012, “Diam-Diam Suka” means ‘Secret Love’, “Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala” means ‘Wolf Handsomes’, and “Emak Ijah Pengen Ke Mekkah” means ‘Mother Ijah Wants to Mecca’.

The creation organization SinemArt Productions left their long-term channel RCTI for SCTV following 9 years is not generally contracted on Christmas of the year 2016 that was beginning around 2003 till 2007. For the channel SCTV, SinemArt also delivered “Anak Langit” that means ‘Sky Kids’, “Anak Sekolahan” that means ‘School Children’ and “Berkah Cinta” that means ‘Love Blessing’.[/expand]

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