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On YouTube, and in India, The Aaj Tak channel attained too much reputation and fame due to its swiftly growing progress and development The Aaj Tak is a very recognized and renowned news channel of India.

The net worth of Aaj Tak is about 28.93 million dollars. The date on which this News YouTube channel or account was generated is August 27, 2009. The country to which this YouTube channel or account belongs is India.

As owned by TV Today Network, Aaj Tak is an Indian Hindi-language news channel, a piece of the New Delhi-based media combination Living Media bunch that is India Today Group. It is one of the most established Hindi news diverts in India. On YouTube, Aaj Tak is the most bought in Indian news source.

Aaj Tak sent off India’s first Hindi superior quality channel, Aaj Tak HD on December 14, 2018. Moreover, Aaj Tak HD communicates News and an additional two Shows like “Duniya Aajtak” airs from the year 2019 covering world news, and the “Business Aajtak” airs from 2019 covering the monetary fresh insight about India and Worldwide. The insight covering about Bollywood, Aajtak HD additionally broadcast Movie Masala circulated between 2019 and 2020.

Type: Television network
Country: India
Broadcast Area: India and International
Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
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What is Live Streaming?

Streaming TV remains as opposed to devoted earthly TV conveyed by over-the-air aeronautical frameworks, digital TV, as well as satellite TV frameworks. However, over the Internet, Streaming TV is the computerized dissemination of TV content, for example, TV shows, as web based media are conveyed.

All you should have the option to live transfer is a web empowered gadget, similar to a cell phone or tablet, and a stage to communicate on. On the web, the live streaming is the telecom of an ongoing, live video to a group of people.

Why is it Popular?

Owners: Living Media
Key people: Shteesh Bhadauriya (CMD), Sanjay Sharma (Deputy Editor)
Sister channels: India Today, Tez, Dilli Aaj Tak, Good News Today/ GNT

From India, this is a web-based TV channel broadcast. You can watch online this channel on all stages. Watch Aaj Tak live from India Get making it known or find the most recent stories, clasps, and projects from your cherished shows. On the occasions molding all over the planet, the “Aaj Tak” brings you letting the cat out of the bag inclusion and live spilling from Aaj Tak live will assist you with keeping awake to date.

However, by TV Today Network Ltd, Aaj Tak is a 24-hour Hindi news TV station possessed. Aaj Tak Live TV shows Latest News, Breaking News in Hindi, Daily News, and News Headlines from India current undertakings, cricket, sports, business and significantly more. This channel is Trusted, Respected, and Followed.

With regards to news that is important, just one name rings a bell. On December 31, 2000, Aaj Tak stands unflinching as India’s undisputed number one news channel and the undisputed pioneer since the time its send off. Some portion of the TV Today Network, Aaj Tak, rules the media space and has been setting the country’s news plan since its commencement.

The channel began as a half-hour and every day news and current issues program on Doordarshan. Also, with its separated treatment of information inclusion, it developed to turn into the most-watched 24hrs news divert for quite some time.

With grants for publication and editorial splendor, Aaj Tak has taken its initiative past the newsroom by succeeding at each Industry Award as the country’s ideal and most favored Hindi News Channel. To adjust the most recent innovation and go past regular News inclusion to carry the best to the watchers, the channel has kept up with the lead with its spearheading drives.

On YouTube this live streaming channel Aaj Tak has more than 49.6 million subscribers. Moreover, this channel also attained the more than 16.8 billion of views respectively.

What is net worth of Aaj Tak?

The actual net worth of the Aaj Tak expected to be about $28.93 million. The ultimate net worth of Aaj Tak is not openly reported, but the respondents Advertisement of Net Worth is to be about $28.93 million. This net worth of Aaj Tak that is $28.93 million is only based on the income from YouTube advertising.

On YouTube, the Aaj Tak channel is very renowned News and Politics channel. In a very few time period, this very fast growing and developing news channel achieved millions of subscribers and viewers on YouTube.

In reality, the net worth of Aaj Tak could not be actually known and even more than this estimate. If these extra bases of revenue are taken into description then the Aaj Tak has a net worth over 40.5 million dollars.

How much does Aaj Tak earn?

In a year, the estimated income of Aaj Tak is about 7.23 million dollars. The supporters of Aaj Tak frequent ask the same question that is how much does Aaj Tak Channel earn?

The channels of YouTube that are monetized accumulate revenue by playing ads for every 1,000 views on a particular video. The Aaj Tak channel receives about viewers of 120.54 million in each month and about 4.02 million in each day.

The YouTubers get the income that is an average of $3 to $7 after every 1k views on a video. However, with the help of this statistics, we can forecast that the Aaj Tak YouTube channel creates over 482.18 thousand dollars in a month with the help of ad revenue and more than 7.23 million dollars in a year.

Numerous YouTube channels make even more than 7 dollars for thousand views on a single video. Yet, our evaluation may be near to the ground. On the other hand, Aaj Tak channel could produce as much as 13.02 million dollars in a year with certainty.

The other sources for income includes sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales and speaking gigs may create much more revenue than the ads. Furthermore, it is very erratic for YouTuber channels to depend on a single source of wage.[/expand]

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