SONY PIX HD TV Schedule Today

Program Start Time Description
The Lost World: Jurassic Park 10:39:00 PM The man wants to bring the dinosaurs living in Jurassic Park’s but when his uncle know this things, they sends the teams led by Dr Lan Malcolm to stop him.
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 12:40:00 AM The story of two mans, CIA agent names Napoleon Solo and KGB Operator names Illya Kuryakin. They work together to thwart the plans of criminal organization.
Path Of Destruction 02:30:00 AM When aggressive and destructive strain of self- replicating is released by an industrial accident and all life on Earth being disturb by this accident. It causes disease into atmosphere.
Barb Wire 04:02:00 AM In the story, a man names Barb Wire is forced into a secret government plan involving biological weapons. Because her former lover wants this and asks for a favour. Actually the man is bounty hunter.
Murder On The Home Front 05:32:00 AM In the story, a man names Dr Collins solves the murder case and tells to DI Wilkins that prime suspect is innocent. The Collins uses his knowledge of forensic science to prove this case.
Ninja Assassin 07:01:00 AM In the story, a man takes revenge from his lover’s death but before taking revenge of his lover he must battle with his brother and former mentor. Because they were also responsible for the death of his lover.
Wrath Of The Titans 08:31:00 AM A boy saves his father, Zeus, from Ares and Hades. However, his brother and uncle was also a part of his father kidnapping. Because they have partnered with the Ares and Hades. His father is held captive by Ares and Hades.
Lucy 10:09:00 AM The girl name Lucy sets in drug after she evolves into a warrior bent and take a decision to take revenge from those who held her captive.
Warcraft 11:34:00 AM A man names Warlock forms an army to conquer the land of Azeroth’ when the world id being destroyed by magic. Then also the king of Azeroth joins with a warrior to stop the invasion.
The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor 01:36:00 PM ………….
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle 03:27:00 PM The story of four teenagers who discover jungle-themed video game in the basement of their high school. And then they find themselves inside, and they transformed into adult avatars. They faces so many hurdles and want to return to the real world.
Jurassic Park III 05:28:00 PM After the success of first two Parts, the third part is being released. This part is very interesting and entertaining, try to watch the full part and get entertainment from this.
Death Race 07:00:00 PM A man names Jensen Ames loses his job. He was a steel worker and arrested in the case of his wife’s murder. He sent to the terminal Island and there a car racer, helps him and he realises that everything would be set.
Hotel Transylvania 08:50:00 PM The story of boy who falls in love with the daughter of lavish resort. During the Dracula’s daughter birthday party, an ordinary boy enters to a hotel and falls in love with her.
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 10:31:00 PM The story of Racer, a boy lives in Tokyo with his father. He has to find a way to pay his debt when he loses the race to the underworld connected Drift King.

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