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Suvarna News 24×7 is Kannada News channel, and the owner of this channel is “Asianet News Network Private Ltd”. A Jupiter Venture is an Asianet News 31 March 2008 is the year on which, it was launched and came in the market. On the date of 12 February 2010, the logo of the channel is changed. With Live TV, the new website is launched. The Owner Company is of Malayalam, which stands tall amidst clutter, which is of the news television located in Kerala. Being the most trustful source in the category of news. The oldest one in India has the most active team with great experience journalists. Also the news’s bureau of an extensive network.

Viewers tune into this news because of its unbiased reportage. Another reason is the advocacy, which is very strong for the rights, which belong to the underprivileged and marginalised. Top on the television network because of the use of the latest technology and upgraded equipment’s. Its ranking is of being on top across all viewership strata. Taking of the informed decision and informed opinions by the viewers is enable by the seasoned journalist because of the multiple perspectives on the story and the honestly inside it. Varied nature and innovative programming formats and content helps in making and keeping a diverse but loyal audience for this network.

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Major Values:

  • Neutral and unbiased
  • Cross – Verifiable and Factual
  • Trustworthy and Honest
  • Fearless and Intelligent

The journey of this network is long and arduous one. Company, which holds this channel is just 15 years old, and it seems like it is working from ages. Having both the best of the times and the worst one also. Covering the entire stories which are a day in, mattered and day out. Mean coverage of the sad and the happy stories both. Performing the sting operations and in-depth investigation to bring the reality which is lost in words and is hiding from the audience. Also, include the politics of entertainment when the story is revealed, and politician get become entertainment for the people and entertaining politics when they are controlling all the things. Light is also put on the sordidness of crime mean the worst thing that is happened in the corruption and degradation of public figures.

The team is working tirelessly to provide the best content to the viewers to make them more knowledgeable and more innovative. These all effort are made for both for the channel and for the viewers. Profit is also needed to the company to run it but with a positive mean. Focusing on quality rather than of quantity and getting in depth of every news to bring the reality of the story behind it. In this way, both the government and the people get knowledgeable that what happens in reality in the story. The company is also providing relax to the team with various benefits like giving more free time, refreshments and other necessary things required to increase their comfort.

Covering the flourishing trade union, fundamentalism of right, flourishing business, fundamentalism of left and middle path. The arrogance of the perpetrator with the agony of the victim and the opportunist and activist. All the things, which are mention above are caught in the camera and represent to the people who are watching their channel. Following the same path with great effort, truthfully, tirelessly and without upholding, prejudice the torch of the decent and honest journalism.

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Language of website Malayalam, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil

More Information:

Launched 31 March 2008; 10 years ago
Network Asianet News Network
Owned By Jupiter Medai
Slogan Nera, Ditta, Nirantara (mean: Straight Bold Continuous)
Country Hindustan
Langugae Kannada
Broadcast Area Indian sub-continent
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Sister Channel’s Asianet News’s

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