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PTC Punjabi is an Indian news channel which is owned by PTC Network. The live streaming of this Punjabi television network is broadcasted from India, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom & Ireland. Featuring of this channel is usually general interest of the people and programming includes comedies, news, talk shows, music and drama. In the industry of media, this network came into being into the date of 6 August 2008. After a year it becomes the most famous television network in Punjab. Direc TV is the network, which it launched on 23 August 2009 in the United States and PTC Punjabi start moving to make its way to international media.

The Canadian version of the channel is initiated in September 2009. Channel Punjabi Television made this Canadian version with the partnership. For an unknown reason, it is removed from the DirecTV, and this happens in 2010. After great thinking, the result leads to the formation of the Dish Network by this organisation on 25 August 2010. They are again getting the speed from which they are coming with the old one and start this new network availability in the United States once again. Now its time of July when it gets launched in two international countries and these are New Zealand and Australia on Konnect TV.

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In the same countries after one year with the different network they get, and it is “VisionAsia television”. Right now it is available for all the people of Europe and broadcast to every viewer in free to air mode on the sky. Not only that is it also available for the audience of the United States and Canada, and the availability is on Rogers, Telus, Bell, Shaw, Bell Fibe and Dish. It is also hosting the annual PTC Punjabi awards along with that for the first time PTC Punjabi movies award are entertained by them. In 2011 the movie’s awards were inaugurated, and now it is hosting every year by them.

The most famous programs which are shown t the viewers are:

Gurbani (praises of God sung by the Sikhs) a program, which came on this channel and the fact is that it is telecasted seven days a week. The telecasting is done form the gurudwara, which is a Sikh temple and Harminder Sahib that is mostly known as the Golden Temple. Times both the evening one and the morning, one this program is telecasted. They are popular among the Sikhs in Canada etc. through the program.

News Bulletin consists of featuring the reporter wildest network, Punjabi news and cameraman.

Straight Talk is a talk show with hard hitting with the involvement of the community and the political leaders. The allotment is in the format for candid and straight discussion related to the current issues. Featuring the full individuals acquainted in entertaining and informal form for the entire family.

The Master is a show is anchor based unplugged show. A bund of singers which are performing live and entertaining the people or the viewer which are watching them. As well as modulates the voice, which resounds from the corner.

More Details:

Launched 6 August 2008
Owned By G Next Media Pvt. Ltd.
Audience Share 11 percent (September 2015, BARC)
Country Hindustan
Broadcast area India, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom & Ireland
Headquarters Chandigarh, Punjab, India
For any Advertising Queries Contact Mr. Anubhav Nath
Revenue Head – PTC Punjabi Network
E Mail:
Contact Details: 78, Okhla Phase III, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110020

Availability Satellite:

Airtel DTH Chnl. No. 555
Big television Chnl. No. 953
Dish TV Chnl. No. 1154
Sun Direct Chnl. No. 666
Tata Sky Chnl. No. 1094
Dish Network Chnl. No. 737
Sky United Kingdome and Unites States of America Chnl. No. 735
Astra 2F Europe Chnl. No. 12522 V 22000 5 / 6


MTNL Chnl. No. 165

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