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Thanthi TV is 24-hour live streaming providing a channel in the Tamil language. Satellite television of news is based in Chennai, India. The owner of the network is Dina Thanthi. Beginning of the NDTV is on the date of 16 May 2009, and this network is Hindu. Founder of this network is based on two groups one is NDTV whose share is 51 per cent. Another one is The Hindu Group who have a share of 49 per cent. The beginning of this organization is held in the city of Hindustan Chennai. Being a particular channel because it is broadcasted only in Chennai and the language of it is English. With the passage of time the Dina Thanthi group taken over the company NATV Hindu and rename it to the name of Thanthi TV.

It is a channel, which is based and broadcasted only in Chennai but after taken over by the Dina after the rebranding of it, on the date of 13 November 2012 it again launched. Before launching it, the acquisition is also completed. After the launch event, it becomes the 24 hour Tamil news channel with services and the providence of broadcast to the whole Tamil Nadu. Kelvikenna Bathi is a show which came on it and the viewer love to watch it. The theme of the display means what the answer to all the questions is. Other shows which are mostly watched are where the show host is, and the host is “Rangaraj Pandey” which ask a different question to the political leaders of the Tamil Nadu.

Also interviewing of the people and one of them include Narendra Modi. For 2014 parliament this organisation commissioned a post-poll survey and extensive Pre through the Krish info Media. The same is also for the 2016 Assembly election which held in Tamil. Media Krish is the combination is very close to the real result in both the cases. 40 40 Narpadhuku Narpadhu is the show through which the finding of the polls of 2014 was telecasted. Most popular Makkal Yaar Pakkan is the show on which the result of the elections of 2016 is telecasted. The host of both shows are Rangaraj Pandey, the chief news editor, and the data and details are explained by Krish in for media chief Psephologist Arun Krishnamurthy.

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The owner company Dina Thanthi is English daily mail. But then another name is Daily Thanthi which is in Tamil’s language newspaper. Founder of this company is S. P. Adithanar Madurai in the year of 1942. It is the largest daily printing and also the nine biggest among the dailies in the whole of India. Thanthi TV is providing various categories which can be seen on its web portal where any person can get entertain and get knowledge. Moreover, the preference which this network is giving to the official news which the people or the audience is desiring. Web portal considers the different genre of the categories which is further classified as subcategories.

The interesting thing which they are providing is the election prediction which every old and young one wants to know. In the era of election provoking all the people about the importance of the vote and making them understand that how much important is their vote.

More Information:

Launched 13 November 2012
Owned By Metronation Chennai Television Pvt. Ltd.
Picture Format 576i (SD)
Country India
Language Tamil
Broadcast Area India
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Hindustan

Availability Satellite

Tata Sky Chnl. No. 1537 SD
Dish TV Chnl. No. 967 SD
Videocon d2h Chnl. No. 561 SD
Aitel digital TV Chnl. No. 497 SD
Reliance Digital TV Chnl. No. 824 SD
Sun Direct Chnl. No. 133 SD


ABNXcess Malaysia Chnl. No. 554 SD


eVision United Arab States Chnl. No. 762

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