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TV Okey is a media station in the mean of digital television providing news across the world. Owner of this network is “Radio Televisyen Malaysia”. This organisation is dedicated to the key person which are Sarawak and Sabah. Date of launch for this channel is 21 March 2018. Afterwards, it replaced the predecessor which is TVi respectively. TV Okey live streaming is broadcasted through two channel which is 109 Astro channel and 110 my Freeview channel.

Interesting information is that when the launch is done of this network, they provide a very great feast of special dinner event which held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Datuk Seri Najib Razak the prime minister of Malaysia which is acting formerly attend the dinner. Okay, letter have the meaning which are.

O means opportunity, K means Knowledge, e mean excitement and the last Y mean youth”. Moto of this channel is the promotion of the new talent. Targetting the youth and the freshness. T

hey want to enhance the creativity which is done by youth because of the great credit of thinking unique. Providing opportunities to the young talent because of the crazy mind and the ability of thinking in a different manner. It is the best example in the field of social cohesiveness but in the country.

It is because of the showcasing Sarawak and Sabah. Along with that the best of the feature programs which they re providing to the audience for their benefits and acknowledgement. TV Okey is also presenting its news bulletins and casting most of the RTM’s Nasional news bulletins which are coming from TV1. The channel is providing various programs which are being displayed on its web portal for the entertainment of the people and the viewer. Moreover, there are also categories which are added by putting the interest of the audience in front. So they will watch what they want mean they get the information which they want to know.

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Taking about the owner organisation “Radio Televisyen Malaysia” is public media broadcaster with various television and radio stations. Providing both of the services the local and the national news. This organisation television and radio got a merge on the date of 1968 and made a new headquarter “Angkasapuri”. Telvisyen Malaysia and the Radio Malaysia were separate before and after they get merge to form it in 1969.

More Information:

Launched 21 March 2018 just about 7 months before
Picture Format 16 : 9 SDTV
Owned by Radio Televisyen Malaysia
Broadcast Area Singapore, Brunei, Thailand (Southern Thailand), Indonesia(Riau, Kalimantan and Sumatera)
Country Malaysia
Sister Cahnnel’s TV1, RTM HD Sports, TV2
Headquarters Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Replaced TVi

Radio Televisyen Malaysia Details:

Official website
Digital Cahnnel TV2, TV1, RTM HD Sports, TV Okey
Launch Date 1 April 1946
Former Names Radio Malaya which is given in 1946 to 63
Radio Malaysia which is given in 1963 to November 1969
Televisyen Malaysia which is given in (1963 – November 1969)
Parent Ministry of Multimedia and Communications Malaysia
Key People (Director-General of RTM) Dato’ Haji Abu Bakar Bin Abdul Rahim
Headquarters Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Owner Owner of this organization is Governament of Malaysia’s
Broadcast Area World Wide with Streaming
Asia with the help of satellites
Type Public
First Air Date 1 April following the year 1946
Availability Nationwide
Branding Radio Televisyen Malaysia’s which is also known as RTM from the date of November 17 following the year 1969
Slogan Tetap Unggul : Which is in the year of 2004 to 2016
Saluran Inforia : Which is in the year of 201 to 2017
Teman Setia Anda : Which is in the year of
(1987 to 2004 and 2017-present as a jingle
Setia Bersama Which is in the year of 2017 to present, as a logo
Country Malaysia

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