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DD Bangla is basically Bengali Indian network. Which was most viewed news in the Bengali language? It is referred from Doordarshan Kendra in Kolkata. The channel is telecasting news in a state-owned way. Which put its gossips different from others. This is more famous due to its Bengali language satellite channel shown. Basically, which are real support by Doordarshan studios in Jalpaiguri, Shantiniketan and Kolkata. These both regions near to Kolkata. DD Bangla TV Channel platform is launched in 1975 under the observation and ownership by the government of India. Owner name is Prasad Bharati. On this stage, many popular programmes, news and entertaining serials are shown. Infotainment programmes, current affairs, filmmaking, serials in which entertainment and stories, social programmes are considered as its huge major contents.

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[expand title=”Read more about TV”]It occupies more of its area due to its informative news. Tv channel available for 97 % population of west Bengal. The channel shows more shows in many regional languages. All of the programmes which displayed on this station is only about for India. What going on and what has done in it. Broadcasting area is not in the India but also nearest countries which are along the border. Broadcasting is done in India and some parts of Asia, china and Gulf countries.

After the success channel was replaced from DD Bangla to Doordarshan Kendra Kolkata. Mostly programmes which are shown on the screen that is in the Bengali language. From some of these are Bibaho Ohioan, Eto Sur and Rongo Tamaasha. These are considered as very famous from all of these.

Mostly peoples are woken up with the morning news headlines. That time television comes in the city. The time was begging for regional news. It starts a career with the most modern transmission and recording facilities. The three main modern equipped was 3 digital studios, 1 CB studio and 1 Sync studio. These three studios are basically used for live transmission, live recording, new and old broadcast recordings. But the sync studio is for the special purpose and that is dubbing the sound.

The main mission of TV Chanel live streaming is to provide the educational facilities with proper information. Provides entertainment in the purest form. Mostly programmes built the power in human nature and enhances their courage towards their country and work. It also did many agricultures programmes which access farmers towards benefits. From its creativity and excellent concepts of work, it fulfils the requirement and expectations of an audience. Art, culture, social drama, crime, comedy and detection are viewed in different manners.[/expand]

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