Zee Bollywood TV Schedule Today

Program Start Time Description
Koi… Mil Gaya 09:00:00 PM Entertainment program
Daud 12:34:00 AM Nandu a small thief of his time has to deliver a packet on the address but he doesn’t deliver this packet and from this time he is being hunted by both police and gangsters. A Girl name Bhavani, a dancer accompanies on his run assuming the package contains gold.
Hum Bhi Insaan Hain 03:02:00 AM
Prem Deewane 04:50:00 AM Radha and Manohar both are in love. They run away together after their parents oppose their relationship. A shrewd uncle Natwarlal, who has his own agenda, and a very wealthy person are they are misguided into kidnapping for a big ransom by him.
Pataal Bhairavi 08:04:00 AM A boy name Ramu falls in love with princess Indumati. But the Raja does not approve this and tells to Ramu to get rich first and then get marry with Indumati. Ramu follow the path of magician named Mantrik to attain wealth and he passed many miles, go in a deep dark cave and free a Goddess from a curse. When Ramu knows the reality of Mantrik, he beheads him, and get a lot of precious stones and head over to Ujjain to get married with Indumati. The Raja agrees for the marriage and during the wedding ceremony Indumati disappears and Ramu looks for her.
Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi 11:00:00 AM A middle-class girl name Chandni lives with her father and young siblings. she trained in classical music and folk music and deeply loved with her brother and sister. During the stage performance she deeply loved with Prem who hails from a rich businessman family. On the day of her engagement her father was passes away and she becomes responsible girl and she has two ways. One is getting marries and the other is to take care of her family. She decided not to marry so that she bring up her siblings with self- respect.
Maine Pyar Kiya 01:17:00 PM A young boy Kishan Kumar and and a young girl Suman fall in love with each other. And she is the only daughter of their family friend Karan. When her father travel overseas on work and Suman stays in Prem’s house. When Kishan Kuman knows their relationship he disapproves their relationship and accuses Suman of taking advantage of their hospitality. Will Prem proves his love for Suman?
Judaai 05:32:00 PM An honest engineer Raj doesn’t have a financial standing to fulfil his wife exorbitant demands. His wife names Kajal and her life revolves around the charm of money. When the daughter of Raj’s boss names Janhvi, a rich girl comes to India and she falls in love with Raj’s seeing his simplicity and she decided to get marry with knowing his all facts that he has two child and a wife. She offers two corers to Kajal and in exchange ask Raj hand in marriage. Kajal forces Raj to get marriage with Janhvi.
Avtaar 08:54:00 PM A man Avtaar Krishen works in a factory and he wants to provide a good education and a better life style to his sons. But his sons are ungrateful and leaves him and his wife. After his sons oust, Avtaar reaches new heights of his success.

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