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CNN News18 indian news channel which is founded by “Rajdeep Sardesai”. It is also known by the name “CNN-IBN”. Not only that CNN News18 Indian English news channel is also located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh which is present in India. CNN news18 channel is now owned by a famous network which is “Network 18”. This provides both the broadcasting of the international channels along with that the broadcasting of the India includes the local reports and the concentrates Indian. Rajdeep Sardesai is one of the popular author and news anchor. After the overtaking of the Network 18 he is now serving as the consulting editor of the “India Today Television”. With that he is also serving in “Global broadcast News” as the Chief Editor.

Biggest Ever Deal In Indian Media Space:

On the date of May 2014 a big announcement is made. The announcement is that the popular industry “Reliance Industries” (RIL is combination of two or more than two industries whose headquarter is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) is taking over the Network 18. Reliance is the company which have the business in textiles, energy, natural resources, petrochemicals, telecommunications and retail. As it’s a havoc in the media space and it is consider to be the biggest deal which is helding in the Indian Media Space. The interesting is that the Reliance have already control of the TV18 network this happen with the virtue investment. Investment is made in the Network 18 which start in the year of 2012 and the month was January.

Watch CNN News18 Live Streaming

live streaming is broadcasted 24 hours in a day mean it working all the time. In India only the Urban elites having the service of the CNN international.

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The interesting is that this channel is watching more by the people than the sister network CNN international. Although the thing is that both are in English But CNN-IBN is getting more viewers. The average which they notice is that they are getting 45 Million Households every day. This is according to the network-18 since the outset.

For this problem “Time Warner” (an entertainment conglomerate and multinational mass media American organization which is owned by the AT&T. The headquarter of this is located in New York City.) and with TV18 Broadcast Limited which is also known as Global Broadcast News an Indian Company launched a channel. The name of the channel is “CNN-IBN” which is launched in Hindustan on the date of 18 December and the year is 2005. This is running completely by TV18 Broadcast Limited and they use the CNN (Cable News Network) brand name.

Rebranding And the Issue of Renewed for CNN_IBN:

On the year of 2015 it is told that the agreement of the license between the two companies or organization Network-18 and Turner Broadcasting is not going to be renewed. This going to expire on the year of 2016 January and the deal between them going to close which mean the end of the CNN_IBN. But later on 1 December on the same year of 2015 an announcement came that the brand license has been renewed. After that the deal and the conditions of them are change and the renewed for another terms. On the time 7:57 pm and the date is 18 April 2016 its get rebranded.

Programs On CNN-IBN:


  • News18 Head start: Developing the newsworthy events and also the stories.
  • The Morning News’s And 8 AM Express: These are the two morning shows for the information which they provide in the morning mean the latest news’s not locally but from all around the Earth. Their aim is to prepare the audience or the person who seeing the information for the day ahead. This show is hosted by rotating the anchors.
  • News18: A general bulletin which give updates throughout the whole day while making the viewer being entertain and updated with the information.
  • Afternoon Prime: it review of the headline stories from morning and also they give an overview for the ahead day.
  • India 360: It is set to a time of 30. A bulletin which covers various categories like sports, crime, international, national, business and entertainment news. This all happen in a fast, concise, and crisp manner which is presented by the most senior Editor “Arunoday Mukharji”. The show replaced “News 360” and this happen on the date of 24 April and the year is 2017. Then the show move to the time of 7:30 Pm at later but in the start on 6 February 2018 they want to air this on the time of 8 PM.

News Roundups and Debates:

  • Late Night Edition: It covers the important details of the day happing, along that it analyses the possible impact which can happened and they go through deep analysis.
  • Epicenter Tonight and News Epicenter: These are the two shows which came at late night that mainly focus on the topics that get disappear in the loud voices and the heat of the daily debates. Shows are presented by the “Marya Shakil” who is the Deputy Political Editor along with him another person is working on this. The second person is “Shreya Dhoundial” who is the Senior Editor respectively. These are beginning from 6 February in the year of 2018. The show “Epicentre@7” is the original show where both are going to present together on the date of 2 May 2017.
  • The Crux: The show replace “The Last Word” on 2017 April 24 and the previous is running by the Editor “Anubha Bhonsle” and The Crux anchor who present the daily headlines and goes beyond them.
  • Faceoff Tonight: A front’s faceoff is made by the Faceoff Tonight anchor “Zakka Jacob”. This is happening between the unnecessary noises which are out of the fact that are made by the newsmakers.
  • Viewpoint: This is the most interesting one where the Viewpoint anchor “Bhupendra Chaubey” the Executive Editor deliver the top 5 biggest news of the days. Then the show replaced “Big 5 @ 10”. This happen in the year of 2017 and the date is April 17. Show was airing late 10 PM at first after 6 February 2018 the timing change to 9 PM.
  • World View with Suhasini Haider: As from the name it is quite clear that show World View with Suhasini Haider anchor is “Suhasini Haider” and she is the Deputy Foreign Editor. The show is about the analysis which is of weekly of the top international stories. Not only that they also include the views that how India get affected by them. This is done by the analysis of the foreign policy thinker with a debets on the issues. Show came to an ending on the 13 may 2014. The reason for the end of the show is “Suhasini Haider” left the show.
  • The Week That Wasn’t: A time of 30 minutes spoof which cover the major events of the 7 days that happened. The Satirical tone is used while covering the major issue that occur in the whole week. Show The Week That Wasn’t anchor is “Cyrus Broacha”.


  • Off Centre: Unconventional personalities are feature by this show from all walks of the life.
  • Now Showing: This include the Bollywood Gossip and the news about the Bollywood films. Now showing anchor is “Rajeev Masand” who is the Entertainment Editor.
  • The Tech and Auto Show: This is the only and the first show to cover the views, interviews and the views from both world of the technology. The Tech and Auto Show anchor is “Siddhartha Sharma”.
  • Overdrive
  • Virtuosity

CNN News18 issue or problems that came:

Commonwealth Games Contract:

On the date of the 5 August, which is followed by the year, 2011 a report is generated on the “XIX Commonwealth Games”. This report is generated by the Auditor and the Comptroller General of India’s, and this report is tabled in the “Parliament”. According to the section 14.4.2 of the report, a contract worth of 3.78 core in rupees from the CAG alleged. The value is for the broadcasting and the production of commercials that are promoting the CWG-2010 to NDTV and CNN-IBN.  With that committee is made by the Commonwealth Games organization which are allowed to follow the arbitrary approach. The proposal which is made is taken in the hoc manner this happened when the proposal is received. Another thing that came up is that no adaptation of the competitive tendering. Along with that the CAG also include that the competitiveness of the rates has no assurance which is quoted by the channels and the usefulness and the want of the proposal. Then onwards from March to June in the same year of 2010, the sponsorship and the entire game publicity is done only on NDTV.

Fake Twitter Comments:

Another issue that seems to come is the controversy which is about the fake comments on twitter. The problem came to notice because during a news show the comments ran on the screen. This result in the question which is raised. These questions are about the reliability of the feedback for the viewers which have been criticized. Later the officials are saying sorry and also told about the wrongly starting of the viewer comment on twitter.

Fake Live Debate:

Face The Nation” the prime time show, on the date of November 2012 the channel made a mistake. The mistake is that they broadcast or ran an already recorded interview which is edited. Interview is of the “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar” and making people fool that it’s a live broadcast debate. “Sagarika Ghose” was the host of the show and she is also the Deputy Editor and “Rajdeep Sardesai” wife who is the channel’s Editor. After that, the audience makes the issue and the Editor have to apologize on Television, web and Twitter. And also the episode is not shown on the show’s homepage.

Crew Firings:

In the year 2013 August, they take the jobs of about 400 peoples from different offices. These include the CNN_IBN as restructuring. But the sad thing is that the company don’t want to tell anything about the issue. Mean about the reason why the fired all the person from their job. They just receive the confirm information about their job has taken. But the reason is not told to anyone of them.

More Information:

Launched 18 December 2005
Network CNN
Owned By Network 18
Picture Format 4:3 (576i, SDTV), 1080i (HDTV)
Country Indian
Language English
Broadcast Area South Asia, United Kingdom
Headquarters Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
Formerly Called CNN-IBN
Sister Channel(s) News 18 India, News 18 Lokmat, CNN, CNN international, News 18 Kerala, News 18 Tmail Nadu, News 18 Assam and North East
Categories Politics, India, opinion, Movies, Tech, Auto, Buzz, Videos, Cricket, World, CNN News18 Latest News, Photos, World, Lifestyle, Sports, Business, Women Stocks, News18 Services, iReel Award, Health and Fitness, Blogs, podcast, Immersives, IPL and Food.

Availability Satellite:

Asianet Digital (Hindustan) Channel 423
Sky ( United Kingdom and Ireland) Channel 520

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