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Mojo TV is one of the favourite Mobile generation satellite news channel in the Telugu language. Owner of this network is Media NXT which is an Indian private company which found the Mojo TV on 1 June 2016. It is also abbreviative as Mobile Journalism. Using the finest and the cutting edge technology in the country for the first time. All the hard work is to present the, collect, showcase and curate the news, which is around the people issue, politics, movies, technologies and others. Covering the attention of those people around the age of 18 to 40 mostly. The motto of the team is to bring the change, and it is founded and run by a group of great excellence of media professional.

It is running by two people who recently participated in the operation of this network, and they are “Ms Revathi pogadadanda” and “Mr Hari Kiran”. The tagline of this network is “ప్రశ్నిద్దాం…పోరాడుదాం!” (Prasniddam… Poradudam!), which mean and translated as “to Question & to Fight”. On air launching of it is on 1 May 2018. Along with that this free to air channel is also available for the downlink present on Intelsat 20 68.5o E. Mojo TV airs show of this network are like Mojo Masti, Spotlight, Super Prime Time with Raghu, Tech 360, The real politics, Line of fire and Mojo trends. The system has been recently made an updating to their website with the local and international section of news and bringing the indigenous public information. It is from the people of Southern India and around the world.

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Containing the Tollywood gossips and they are related to the political updates and on the crime topics. Providing a platform to which the people can entertain, interact and update themselves. Chief executive officer of the company said that people after getting involve or socialised by Facebook and other social media they are requesting for more information on local and international. So then the first thing is to provide the latest and the current going on information to the audience. From which the viewer get happy, and it is from all around the globe.

Most of the people want to listen or hear the trending information. Moreover, the site of this network has to upgrade useful write-ups on political tensions international and also cover the trends of political pressures. One of the trending news which is display is about the New Jersey Prime Minister. This personality has spent 35 lacks on the feeding of milk to a child. And another one which is quite famous is the stood of the Google after the horrid floods of Kerala. For entertainment, they are providing in detail reviews of the Telugu movies.

Manager of the website is focusing much on making it more popular. After great thinking, he said to make simple vernacular language use in the post. In this sense, all the viewer can easily understand the post. Best of the writer is hired by them to do this job. That one who can cover all of the topics by entertaining them and with a straightforward tone. With all that struggle and hard work with great mind thinking they are ready to make people entertained and up to date by the news.

Satellite Information:

Downlink Frequency 3732.5 MHz
Audio PID 308
Symbol Rate 7.2 mbps
Video PID 208
FEC 3 / 4
Vertical Service ID 8
Modulation 8 PSK MPEG 4
Polarization RX

More Details:

Launched 1 June 2016
Owned By Media Nxt India Pvt. Ltd.
Slogan Poradadam, Prasinddam
Country India
Language Telugu
Broadcast Area Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana, Hindustan
Contact Detail Email:
Address: Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500873
Organization: Mojo TV

Availability Satellite:

Dish TV Chnl. No. 734
Videocon d2h Chnl. No. 734
SITI Vision Chnl. No. 54
Hathway Chnl. No. 49

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