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Emmanuel TV is an African Christian television network. This channel aimed to explore or deliver the good news to all around.

Channel live streaming started to broadcasts its programs since 8 March 2006. This channel is operated by the Emmanuel Global Network (EGN) that is founded by T.B. Joshua, Pastor of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN). It broadcasts its transmissions from it’s headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. The broadcasting area of this channel is Africa, North/Central America and Parts of Europe. It is one of the largest news channels in Africa. The slogan of a channel is “Changing lives, Changing Nation, Changing The world”. Its main broadcasting center is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Watch Emmanuel TV Live Streaming

[expand title=”read more”]This lines up with a flavor of programs with good scripts, from The Synagogue, Church of All Nation. Live programs also include in this content such as weekly SCOAN Saturday, having different Sunday Services and Wednesday “healing services (in which they try to make healthy people)”. Various charitable activities, gives the messages of prophetic on both levels personal and international, to be claimed healing testimonies, also provide regular teaching and preaching from TB Joshua and SCOAN Wisemen. It also broadcasts programs dedicated to children, teen ages, and youth. Streaming Channel provides facility to its audience of live coverage of special events such as New Year’s Eve Candlelight vigil and the Thanksgiving to President John Atta Mills of Ghana at the SCOAN. This TV tries to give the idea of Changing lives, changing nations and changing the world.

The founder of this T.B. Joshua donated several televisions to hospitals, needy people, and prisons in this way the will be able to watch the transmissions.

Popular programs:

  • God Is Still Saying Something
  • Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Standard for Life
  • Aim High

Website: www.Emmanuel.tv [/expand]

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