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NewsX is an English news television channel in India. It is launched on 27 March 2008. It is owned by ITV network which is a huge network and also operated it. The first English 24 hour informative channel in India. In 21st-century newsX is the one and only informative channel which was created for global Indian. This is famous just because of its quality content with the most powerful coverage of journalism print with international quality television production. In the history of gossipy broadcasting, it is the first which is based on truth, not people’s opinion, partisan manner, and facts.

Channel put more focus on providing interesting news to its viewers like on sports, entertainment, business, culture, lifestyles, politics, national and international affairs, human interest and domestic politics. On this platform, everyone is most talented due to its work and struggle. This platform brings many meaningful professionals together throughout the India and around the India also. Through choosing that type of talent it will boost of a wealth of journalistic. After launching sometimes, it will win many awards in which nationally and internationally exist.

Watch NewsX Live Streaming

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NewsX Live TV Important Goal:

The main goal of this transmission is to directly approach with the viewers to entertain them not to engage them. It has the best tone with latest look and design through it feel cool and awesome. Mostly it focused on articles over than sensationalism and avoided from hysteria. It established itself among India’s first top three English news channels. NewsX live is the choice of young’s and caring viewers who know the meaning of happiness.

Popular shows By NewsX:

  • Morning Edition
  • The Big Story
  • The News Hub
  • Nation
  • That’s Entertainment
  • Flashbacks

All of these shows are fantastic due to its theme, ideas and developing stories.

Most of Winning Awards:

  • Best English Channel of the year
  • Film and Television Reporting
  • The Best News Documentary of the year
  • News Reporters and Videographer of the year
  • Best News and Current Affairs promos

Most Talented Anchors:

There are many different types of anchor’s are in NewsX. Everyone is good and talented. Due to all efforts of them now the platform stands at the top position. The following personalities are included:

  • Athar Khan
  • Priya Sahgal
  • Sahar Zaman
  • Jujhar Singh
  • Meghna Deka

NewsX live is available on all big platform like digital and analog cable, mobile Television and the internet (web). It targets into 23–25 years age fellows for their interests. According to the ratings is was stand at the top and more viewers are attracted toward it.[/expand]

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