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Focus Odisha Television is one of the best news channels that live streaming came in the language of Odia. It is 24 hours live news channel which brings the news to people all day. The owner of this network is a television media group which is way famous in the industry of media, and they are “Focus Media Group”. The date of the launch of this network is 13 June 2014. Focus Odisha television fact is that it is launched by the chief minister of the Odisha “Naveen Patnaik”. All of these are done under the pretence of “Niraj Sanan” the Chief Executive Officer of the Group.

Moreover, this organisation is not just running this channel. Many other channels are working under this organisation. In that, they are running them with various other languages for a companion of other viewers who doesn’t understand the Odia language. These include the Hindi news channel, Bengali news channel and others. The format for this network is MPEG 4, and the availability of it is in Measat 3. Providence of the news is in various genres with many different programs. These are related to the economic, social and also on education issues and condiction in Odisha. The headquarters of Focus Odisha television is located in Bhubaneswar the capital of the Indian state. In addition to that, it has 9 bureaus in number which are situated in Puri and Cuttack.

All of them include journalists, technical staff and video journalists. For the covering of the entire staff, about 65 stringers are employed. These all get jobs in various locations of this state. Through this, they have made a 150 strong team. For about money of 10 crores is spend in the setting of this channel. Focus worldwide Network is a new platform with a new internet network that is bringing family-oriented programming to the homes. It involves religious, cultural shows, entertainment and informative news. These all are born top every Catholic.

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Pope John Paul II is in charge, and it is in direct response to this personality. He said that “the mean of the communication which is social become very important that as for the many of chief mean of education and information. The inspiration and guidance in the behaviour of the families, individuals and a large society with many peoples“. Mainly focus of this channel is to provide religious news and information to the Catholics. Telling them about their culture and another aspect of the life which they are going to spend.

focus Odisha tv schedule

Industry It is free to air channel
Type Private
Products Direct Broadcast Satellite
Founded In The year in which it is founded is 2014 and the date is 13 June
Headquarters Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Hindustan
Key person Mrs Niraj Sanan
Address of this media network Address:
229 N. Vermont. St.
Covington, LA 70433
Phone: 985-635-0333
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