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News World India news channel is the famous, the best and the popular news channel of India. This is own by the popular company “F7 broadcast Private Ltd.”. It is broadcast 24 hours in the day and the main thing which they cover and mostly focus on the day to day issues of the life. Along with that News, World India is 24-hour free air national news channel. The beginning of this is in the year of 2015 in August. In the start, they gave content to other channel’s. Later due to some conflict they stop providing content and launched their own channel.

News World’s India Hindi news channel is getting more and more popular in the audience with content they providing to them. People are getting more and more interested to gather information from them. The broadcast area for this is located at “Pan India Worldwide” and the headquarters is in Film City, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The picture formate which they proved is 4:3 (576i, SDTV). Latest operation of this came from the “Laxmi Studio” which is located in the Film City.

There are different categories like National, Entertainment, Lifestyle etc. These include various new’s in their session. They give material with simple wording which is understanding to the audience so they can read it easily and understand it without any issue. Focusing on the quality instead of the quantity. They give what the reader wants in simple words.

Now they shit to the area Sector 4 located in Noida. The channel is different from other in sense of debates. Along with that, it is considered to be research-oriented which is another factor which makes it different from others. Not only that this is more brand conscious than others in advertisers. News World India live put lights on political grounds and gain the position in the other as the people’s channel’s.

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This is satellite oriented and covers various channel like (Tata sky which came on No. 525, Airtel digital TV which came on No. 324 and Den Channel which came on No. 312 etc). The network which they holding it is the flagship of it. They offer different categories in which they are working and give new’s to the audience.

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International Coverage And Broadcast:

One of the best thing that they are providing to the people is the international coverage. This makes them grow to the next level. Providing the sensitive programming and covering all the aspects. They get the offer in the year 2015 of the international coverage which made them be globalized. Not only that they are showing various show with the best of the best anchors which hosting them and the experience personalities are also included in them. The reason for that is to up-bring the growth and to show the people the result in simple words. Owner company “F7 Broadcast Pvt Ltd.” Have various SCR films, Documentation, CSR business and Corporation Films.


The collaboration is made between the CSR Journal and the world India. While the CRS Journal is headquarters which is located in Mumbai for the publication of the digital news. They also work on different things like

  • Not for Profit organization
  • Leading Corporate houses
  • Policymakers
  • Non Government organization
  • Leading Cooperate Various stakeholders

Network Availability:

  • Tata Sky
  • Hathway Mumbai & Maharashtra
  • Airtel DTH
  • SSS Mumbai & Maharashtra
  • DIGI Space
  • JPR Digital
  • Den Cable UP
  • Den Cable Uttarakhand
  • Indigital Mumbai
  • Digi Cable Mumbai
  • Digi Cable Bhopal And Madhya Pradesh
  • Digi Cable Indore
  • Digi Cable Jabalpur

Noticeable Person:

Two person are very noticeable for this.

  • Nandan Kumar Jha who is the (COO) Chief Operation Officer. This man involve with World India in the year of 2016. Mr. Jha achive the award of the “National bravery” and “Jeevan Rakhsha Padak” for the courage he done in the year of 1997. The courage is to save life under difficult situation and circumstances. The city in which this person born is “Adityapur located at Jamshedpur” in the year of 1981. Along with that he is member of the RSS and CSR. The award is given by the Prime Minister “I.K. Gujral”. This given because of recusing the life when the cottage set on fire. And the old lady with her children get saved by him.
  • The 2nd person is “Vineer Malhotra. He is latterly the anchor of the sports. This person is also News World India anchor which hold the show “Current issues”. The background of this personality include sports anchoring, music and modeling. Vineer is born in London located in England on the date of the 14 October 1978. The interesting thing is that his father work for the “Ministry of External Affairs”. Because of this he born up with different culture with 6 various countries.

More details:

Launched August 2015
Owned By F7 Broadcast Pvt Ltd.
Picture Formate 4:3 (576i, SDTV).
Country Hindustan
Language Hindi
Broadcaste Area PAN Worldwide
News World India address Film City, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Categories National, World, business, Automobile, Videos, Photos, Sports, Entertainment, Opinion, Viral, Indian Abroad, Life style, Education, Exclusive and Science & Technology

 Availability of Satellite:

Tata Sky Number
Airtel Digital TV Number
Den Number


Digi Cable Number 225
In Digital Number 380
Den Number 326
JPR Number 185
DIGI space Number 176
S S S Number 176
Hathway Number 226
Digi cable Number 205

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