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WION news international news which is located in India. This stand for “World Is One News”. It is a new appearance entity in the market of the news channel’s. “Essel Group” which is an Indian company which is a combination of two or more than two companies. And the owner of the company is “Dr Subhash Chandra”. The WION Indian base channel is a venture by this Essel organization which is the largest in the media conglomerate.

WION news channel get inspire and amaze by the group’s motto. That motto is taken from “Sanskrit” it is the language of ancient Indians. That “Sanskrit” means “The World Is One Family”. The channel covers the news which includes the problems related to the Indian subcontinent and the global issues also. Approach to telling the information which is happening globally is unbiased. This is the new venture which they have done and because of that, the plan is fair.

The properties of the web include the WIONNwes which came in the list of the Google News. WIONEDGE is also included their which is another feature for providing information. They also introduce the intriguing stories featuring: which mean the live streaming and the viral videos. The exciting thing is that they are offering the virtual reality content.

Watch WION (World Is One News) Online Live Streaming

The WION official website gets its appearance on 15 June 2016. This channel itself came into the presentation to the audience in the year 2016 and the date is 15 August. They came up with not a small business but they launched with an air satellite coverage service in 37 various countries.

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The significant Categories which they have are (South Asia, World, Businesses And Economy, Sports, Entertainment, Life & Fun and Opinion) but these are just the major one. Subcategories for each are given below

WION South Asia:

  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Afghanistan
  • Maldives
  • Bhutan

WION Business and Economy:

  • Markets
  • Money
  • Economy
  • Industry
  • Technology

WION World:

  • Central Asia
  • West Asia
  • East Asia
  • South East Asia
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Americas
  • New Zealand
  • Australia

WION Videos:

  • Tech it out
  • Pitstop
  • Gravitas
  • Unscripted
  • Global Leadership Series
  • Reformers and Rebels
  • Let’s Get Real


  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Science & Technology
  • Opinions
  • 360
  • EDGE
  • Onegreee
  • Indian News
  • Entertainment

WION Life & Fun:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Fashion and Trends
  • Food and Travels
  • Entertainment New’s
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Culture

They try to cover each and everything which is necessary and they are covering it. And they provide the best and the accurate content to the viewer. The reason for that to make the best name in the market. Basic  aim is to present the correct and true thing through which people get inspired so to make the better decision not for the world but also for their personal life.

WION Founding Team:

The team which found this great channel include “Rohit Gandhi” who Emmy is nominated producer for being the Chief Editor. Along with that, he is a documentary filmmaker and a journalist. A former CBS correspondent has also included whose name is “Mandy Clark”. The managing producer who has the heads of all the thing to get properly manage is “Mithaq Kazimi”. Not only is that he also the American media executive and also their Managing producer. All of them work together with WION anchors.

The journalist along with “Rohit Gandhi” include “Saad Hammadi” who is also the Bangladesh Bureau Chief. Being that he is also serving as “The Guardian” former correspondent. The CNN anchor is also included in the team whose name is “Archith Seshadri” and for the web edition the editor of the web “Tathagata Bhattacharya”.

WION Current Team:

The team which is currently working for them is “Ramesh Ramachandran” who is associated editor of it. With him, Daniele Pagani working who is the West Asia Bureau Chief. Along with that senior editor at Network 18 Sharma Palki Sharma Upadhyay is serving. And in the last but not the least Sidhant Sibal join this on the year of 2018 in the date of the 1 April.

WION TV Programs:

  • Pitstop Hosted by various anchors which ruining from 2017 up to now
  • Tech it Out, Hosted by various anchors which ruining from 2016 up to now
  • World is One, Hosted by various anchors which ruining from 2016 up to now
  • Unscripted, Hosted by various anchors which ruining from 2017 up to now

Previous Programs: 

  • Breakfast Hosted by various anchors which ruining from 2016 up to 2017
  • Konversations, hosted by Mithaq Kazimi which ruining from 2016 up to 2017
  • Democracy & Dictatorship, hosted by Rohit Gandhi which ruining from 2016 up to 2017

More Information:

Launched 15 August 2016
Network World Is One News
Owned By Zee Media
Picture Format 576i 16:9 SDTV

1080i 16:9 HDTV

Slogan “The world Is One News”
Country India
Language English, Hindi
Broadcast Area Around Asia, South Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Americas
Headquarters Noida, India
Replaced Zee News English
Website wionews.com/

WION Cable:

Star Hub TV Singapore Chnl. 156 (SD)

Chnl. 186 (HD)

Media Crop Singapore (via SCTV socket) Chnl. 30 (UHF 543.25 MHz)
Pioneer Cable Vission Inc. Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines (PCVI) Chnl. 6 (SD)
Trans ACT Australia Chnl. 251
First Media Indonesia Chnl. 322
Cable TV Hong Kong Chnl. 78
ABNXcess Malaysia Chnl. 23
AVG Vietnam Chnl. 17
Asianet Digital India Chnl. 428


Name Country Channels
Singtel TV Singapore 6 (HD) / 153 (HD)
Ditto TV India 98
DETV Malaysia 122
Now TV Hong Kong 322
Yupp TV Worldwide 734
Fetch TV Australia 186

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