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WAPA TV in an independent television channel that is owned and controlled by the Hemisphere Media Group, it is a joint agreement between Azteca Acquisition Cooperation and InterMedia Partners. This channel is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
WAPA TV started its broadcasting since 1 May 1954 (about 60 years ago). It has slogan “Como tu….boricua!” (Like you…Puerto Rico). This has its studios at Avenida Luis Vigoreaux in Guaynabo and transmitter is located at Bosque Estatal de Carite mountain reserve. It was the second television station that was licensed to Puerto Rico. In its beginning, this was affiliated with many networks such as ABC, NBC, DuMont, and CMQ television station. In 1966, it was the first television in U.S. that transfers the color unceremoniously. The same act was also followed by the WKAQ-TV in 1968. Normally this channel was known by its assigned channel, Canal Cuatro (it is known by its animated cartoon mascot “a bongo-playing cat” 1970s to 1980s. In the 1980s and 1990s this got too much success by mixing shows of America that are translated in Spanish language but this  is still known as second most watched Puerto Rican channel. In the 1990s, this changed its name with the slogan “WAPA’lla!” and “WAPA, aqui con la gente”, these slogans were displayed with music and colorful graphics that is used to represent the catchy channel’s logo.

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In 1994 this was the first television station in Puerto Rico that uses good graphics animations for animating the new logo that is created by a Pixel Light Studio in New York, this present a channel with catchy “American” on air appearance.
In 1997, this started to broadcasting more programs that including local news programs, sports events, and world boxing championship events. In September 2008, this channel becomes the first Puerto Rico and seventh famous television in America for becoming a satellite distribution super station. On 23 January 2013, it was emerged with WAPA-America by the Intermedia group.
Competitor channels:


List of slogans:

  • Hasta el gato Te-Ve el 4
  • Adelante en le 80
  • Arrasando en el 81
  • Insuperable
  • Tremendo
  • Pa’ Encima
  • La pionera
  • Contigo Siempre
  • Imagen Viva
  • Como….tu boricua!
  • Enciende tu Ano
  • Celebrando 60 anos, Como tu…boricua (current slogan)
    Satellite stations:
  • WTIN-TV channel 14(PSIP),  15 (UHF)
  • WNJX-TV channel 22 (PSIP), 23 (UHF)


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