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Focus news is not only the new platform it is also a group which is growing very rapidly. This media company broadcasts different television channels. These channels are five in numbers which holds audience not from the specific area but all across India. Tv Channel broadcasts news only in Hindi and in high quality. This is basically called NE TV. Which is first 24-hour satellite channel from North-East India? It is the first earth station in the northeast area and became the first teleport. From the region, it covers eight types of different states. With all of its broadcasting along with telecast many informatics programmes.

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wait for a few second just as the load stream.
[expand title=”Read more about TV”]The platform is launched in 2003 and owned by a big company. The company named as Positive Television Pvt Ltd. Headquarters are held in Guwahati India. News and informative gossips are broadcasts are in India and worldwide.

Some Notable programmes are present in this platform and these are following:

Memorable programmes:

  • Focus Samachar
  • Focus Guwahati
  • NE Entertainment
  • Special
  • Prime

All of these programmes are most famous and due to these the channel become popular day by day. Mostly peoples watched these and took more interest in that. That’s why it will take high rating and good feedbacks.

There are following satellite channels are which are work within India and these are followings:

  1. Airtel digital TV: Channel 620
  2. Big TV: 780
  3. Tata Sky:  993
  4. Videocon d2h: 767

Through all of that whole Indian viewers watched all of these channels on their TV screens. Satellite reached where at nothing can reach with speed and intensity.

On the screen only showed about Indian news and most highly reached gossips. Mostly gossips about Bollywood and government. Live streaming platform is launched due to showing the activities which are held in India’s different cities and focus on the state, progress. It also put attention on the social and political issues.[/expand]

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