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Republic TV Indian English news channel. The language of this channel is English but it is a Hindi news channel or Indian news channel. Broadcast area of this is “Mumbai”, not only that another place from where it is broadcasted is “Bangalore”. Both these are located in India. It is created or made by the “Times Now”. The Editor in Chief made this the name of this personality is “Arnab Goswami”. This came into being on the date of 6 May 2017. Not only Goswami owns it but another person Rajeev Chandrasekhar is also the co-owner of it.

The Editor “Arnab Goswami” of the English News Channel “Times Now” resigned on the date of the November 1 in the year of 2016. On the date of 14 November the show “The Newshour Debate” which is the he hosts flagship show for the last time. But this man is not going to stop here he didn’t plan for the retirement. On 16 December he announced a new venture of his and made havoc in the industry. New venture is a news channel named “Republic”.Principle of Republic TV is to break the news and with that breaking the silence.

Watch Online Republic TV Live Streaming

Live Streaming of this network is broadcasted India directly and viewer can watch the intrest he/she want to.

[expand title=”For More Information Click Here”] For coming up, news thing is way challenging to stand up against the world. There is the various person who doesn’t want to see other progress like that in January of 2017. In the beginning, the name of the channel is supposed to “Republic”. But (BJP) Bharatiya Janata Party leader whose name is “Subramania Swamy” informed the Ministry of the Broadcasting and information that the name is “Violation of Emblems”. Not only that he also states that Names Act 1950 which is Prevention of Improper use. So later it is decided that the name of it will be “Republic TV”. The Ministry also suggests this name to him by a letter

Funds From Rajeev Chandrasekhar Vice-chairman of “Kerala” and Member of Parliament “Raj Sabha”.

This channel is also part of the primarily funded company ARG Outlier Media Private Ltd. The funding is done by “Rajeev Chandrasekhar”. Rajeev is an Indian Politician and also a Multimillionaire entrepreneur who is now giving services as Member of Parliament Raj Sabha. Along with that, he is the vice chairman of “Kerala” (a state which is located on southwestern, Malabar Coast) wing which is of the National Democratic Alliance.

Interesting Facts about the vast investment Made.

Investment which he made through companies is 30 cores in Indian currency which are approximately US $ 4.4 Million. Not only it, other investment also made which are also major by educationalist “Ramadas Pai”, Goswami along with his wife and Ramakanta Panda. In this, all person are included who gave money through SARG Media Private Ltd. the company owner is Goswami only. On 31 March 2018, he resigned from the board when he officially switch allegiance to BJP, and there he is MP.

“S. Sundaram” who is once the CFO for the popular Times is now serving as the Group CFO for the “Republic TV” from the year of 2005 to 2012. Along with him the other person who hands join with Republic TV are senior Tamil Thanthi TV news channel anchor, and Deputy Assignment Editor and the name of this personality is “S. A. Hariharan”. Other personalities which are also included are “Gaurav Arya” who is the Army officer retired as major, “Aditya Raj Kaul”.

He is the formal correspondent chief for the “Times” from Kashmir and Jammu, “Minhaz Merchant” the famous person for being the editor and the writer of the “Gentleman” and also the Business Barons along with popular actor “Anupam Kher”. “Vikas Khanchandani” this person become the CEO, and he is the Business Officer in Chief for the Reliance Broadcast Network. In the last but not the least “Chitra Subramaniam” the co-founder and the editor adviser.

Starting off the Republic TV channel And What Business Standard tell about it?

The beginning of the channel is on the date of 6 May 2017. Republic TV free to air channel through most of the cable television operators, DTH services and also on mobile platforms which are Hotstar and JioTV. A report came on the launch of this by the Business Standard. They said “The company told the people that they haired 300 people already and in the 215 people are on board which is very impressive. A perfect studio is made in the Lower Parel area of Mumbai”.

It is the most viewed television network in India and is most favourite among the people because of the quality content which it gives to the viewers. This network has nationalism deep inside it, or we can say in its core. Giving the people or delivering them with the truth which is happening with the guiding principles. They don’t have a fear of anything while providing the content to the viewer. Not thinking of themselves want to give the correct information. And the investigation they make for the news is fearless.

Not thinking of the hundreds, which are working but thinking of the billion which are seeing them. To show and present them the reality and the truth. It is the home for the most greedy and the youngest team in India for news. Information is dug out and broadcasted which is truth and done in a sense to fi the accountability for a billion.

Organisation have breaks the tradition and norms of the journalist and the newsroom setups which are the same for each of other organization. and Republic TV is the plaform which is made for the next generation. For those which think for the future for the innovation, which have the motive to bring the change, keep on updating and getting progress. Progress which is not related to themselves only but also which is beneficial for the organization.

Wounding with the interactive formats and news content and fastening the hard-hitting opinion. Not just a one person thing it’s a whole organization in which many people are united and working together. It is not going to bow down to any other and not going to be silence they are going to break the silence. It is the first India independent media tech company which is given information with quality, not with quantity.

Viewership Rating:

This becomes the first channel to be in India who came on the top and become the number 1 in India Republic TV English news channel become the most watched channel. All that happens in the first week after it gets launched or airing with an amount of 2.11 Million impressions. The viewership which is accounted to be 51.9 per cent as per data release. It is for the week (7 days) by the “Broadcast Audience Research Council”.

(NBA) News Broadcasters Association complaint with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)

On the date of 12 May 2017, a complaint is lodged by the “News Broadcasters Association” (NBA). This complaint is lodged with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). It is about getting high viewership with wrong means and using of unethical tactics. They also claim that the channel is running multiple feeds on different platforms of multi-system operator (MSO). In addition to the complaint the violation of the TRAI rules which is for unique LCN and unique genre.

Rule is violated because the channel listed itself to be at various locations across the genres. It is in the electronic program guide of different MSOs. Also the other distributors on (LCNs) multiple logical channel numbers.Afterwards, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) determine the numbers to maximizing and said the News Broadcasters Association are correct and a warning of not to use the LCNs in future.

A judgment which made after Complaint of NBA:

Specific criticism was subjected to the channel after that by certain sections of the media. These sections were accused it of judgmental reporting, biased and opinionated. (BCCL) Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd Complaint and Commission of offences of theft, Misappropriation of property and criminal breach trust on Employee. Another complaint is lodged on the date of 17 May and this is against the “Prema Sirdevi and Goswami”. It is done by the (BCCL) Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.

Complaint is of a journalist with Republic TV who is under “Information Technology Act, 2000” and “Indian Penal Code” blaming them for the copyright infringement. BCCL stated that intellectual property (IP) has been used by two of the employee which are working for them and now are in Times Now. The 2 employs operate and own the IP. IP is used in telecasting various audio tapes which are in possession when they are working for them mean before joining Times Now. Commission of offences of theft for the IP infringement is applied and the misappropriation of property and criminal breach trust is applied to both of them.

Harassment Issue of the Republic TV reporter “Shivani Gupta”

On the year of 2018, 30 August the (NBSA) News Broadcasting Standards Authority of India makes a notice for the popular channel. The notice is to make an apology on full screen on its news channel. The apology is for the user of the “Vulgar Thug”, “goon”, “sexist”, “lewd”, “anti-Indian”, “hyena” and “prevent”. These all were used for “A. Singh by Arnab Goswami”. All of this is told on the channel while saying that A. Singh harasses “Shivani Gupta” the reporter of the Republic TV.


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Contact Details:

Advertising contact:

Mr. Devinder Gupta
Public TV Contact Details:
Bombay Dyeing Compound Worli, Mumbai 400 018

Complaints Redressal:

ARG Outlier Media Asianet News Pvt. Ltd. [Republic TV] Contact Person: S Sundaram
Designation: CFO
Address: ARG Outlier Media Asianet News Pvt. Ltd. NBW Building, Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai – 400 025
Phone: +91 – 22 – 4512 1000

More Information:

Launched 6 May 2017
Owned By ARG outlier Media and Asianet News
Slogan “You Are Republic, We Are Your Voice”
Country india
Language English
Broadcast Area Worldwide
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra, india

Availability Republic TV Terrestrial:

Zing Digital 345


Republic TV Satellite:

Airtel India 376
DD Free Dish South Asia 342
Tata Sky India 616
Videocom D2H India 360
Sky UK UK 34
Dstv South Africa 456
Dish TV Asia 771


DEN CHL . 371

Satellite Radio:

Zee 5 12


Direc TV 678

Republic TV Streaming Media:

Jio TV News Channel

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