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Prag news live has known for the best, and unique news gossips not from the area but also from the whole northeast region of India. TV today is known due to its fame which is called as Prag News.

The PRAG today channel platform was launched in the year of 2000. This company was owned by Prag Network Ltd. This channel is from India but the news which is telecast from it was the language in Assamese. This canal is related with Guwahati.  Broadcasting area is not at the level of India but also broadcasts at worldwide.

These types of chatty programs are mostly shown gossips about the culture which was used old days. Due to these types of canals villagers took benefits and watch their area local times information.

Watch PRAG News Live TV Streaming

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During the elections of Lok Sabha, it will take part and tie up between two most famous channels. Times Now and Guwahati-based articles had tied and then live streaming took a part between them. After that, in channel more energy and moved toward aim increased. Through it also finding to tie opportunity with national news broadcasters. Across the country, every people enjoy for its cables, TV homes and multimedia. It today is a satellite channel which is shown all over the week and every time means 24×7. For spending more time every Indian person put their more presence and response towards the platform. Through that, it took more publicity and became popular for its visa up to date.

How took part in national news broadcasters:

Recently it signed more contracts with other famous channels for enhancement of its branches. It has signed the deal with Tata Sky through are reached to home. The platform decided the deals for enhances the distribution in other cities of the country.


For its day by day better work, it competes with other famous platforms. Whenever any platform chases the glory of success than anyone its ideal. The list of some of these are:

  • News Live
  • DY 365
  • Focus NE
  • Pratidin Time
  • Frontier TV

Remarkable Programmes:

Following of these programs are most popular with the viewers. All of these are most watched and gain highly ranked:

  • Burning Topics
  • The Weekend Show
  • Vision Prag
  • Guwahati
  • Biswar Jab Khabar
  • Outpost

The channel is spreading their broadcasting day by day. For its improvement in programs, it took higher ranked. It is the best by the voting of viewers and won the best audience award for its live telecasting.[/expand]

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