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On 16 December 2005 CNN-IBN was launched. CNN is an English-language news channel which is held in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It also current affairs and television channel which provide better services to all over the India. (CNN- IBN) Indian Broadcasting Network. This channel is owned by two main companies of India no 1 is TV 18 Broadcast Limited and Turner International India.

CNN-IBN Live Streaming

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Performing high task for improvement of the CCN-IBN:

CNN perform different tasks for the media. CNN news live gave information which is entirely based on international coverage for the platform, but news live exists on Indian and all local reports within the country. This platform is comparable with other Indian English Channel that shows its news in Hindi-English but entirely influenced by Hindi. In May 2014, Reliance Industries Limited speak out that towards now it will be responsible over Network18? This change is noticed as the huge deal ever in Indian media space. Because of that reliance industries entirely control in the TV18 by its big investments.

Different types of shows through which it becomes famous:

  • IBN Morning
  • News
  • Sports
  • Good afternoon India
  • News 360
  • Breakfast with India
  • India at 9
  • Now showing
  • India positive
  • Late night edition

Just because of all this grow up very rapidly in the market and catch more popularity as compare to others. All of these shows broadcasts by most talented anchors who put their spirit and hard work to become its successful. Many topics are discussed ever any time of the day, news, sports, fashion, positively response of peoples and hot shot gossips. There are many issues discussed like data base on weekly issues of highest international stories in the sense that how India is affected by them. One time in a week channel spends 30 minutes of the news which considered major news event or stories of the week.

Big achievement in the shape of Awards:

For all of this channel hard work it won three popular awards. After winning that it became more famous in the viewer’s mind. In 2012 at the ceremony of Ramnath Goenka Awards three senior anchor were surprised by their series and these are followings:

  • Anubha Bhonsle: he won best political reporter for his hard work.
  • Preeti Singh: she won best on the spot reporter.
  • Arijit Singh: he won the best reporter from North East.

Competitors of CNN-IBN

Behind every success, there are many reasons which are following up. The following channels are considered as competitors, Headlines Today, NDTV 24×7 and Times Now.[/expand]

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