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Times now is an English news channel in India which broadcast 24 hours of a day. This platform is owned by This Group and also operated by them. The first ever Indian Times Now , which is launched on mobile screened which named as Reliance Infocom Network. It linked with twitter and one of the global partners of it. In TVlive, many of expert exist, but most famous affair expert is Maroof Raza. He is the only one man within his presence on debates; he anchored a many series of Indian armed forces which named as “Line of Duty”. The film festival which is in Rome 2005 arranged in this an episode of Mr roof Raza which is based on Siachin Glacier won the award in the military documentary section. All of its success TV series entered into the “Limca Book of Records” as India’s first ever reality show cast on a military.

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History of Times Now :

TV live channel was launched in 2006 by Times Global Broadcasting Company Limited a co-partners of the times group LTD. The CEO is Sunil Lulla who owned this company from Sony Entertainment Television. But in 2008, Reuters selling its 26 percent stakes in the Time Global to BCCL.

Connection of several Journalist:

  • Maroof Raza: is an strategic affair expert
  • Arnab Goswami: is an editor and anchor
  • Hector Kenneth: he had been a journalist for many years but now he is a Director in TV.

Awards and Identification:

  • EBNA 2012 (exchange media news broadcasting award)
  • Channel of the year
  • News channel editors in chief of the year

The times of India is the most favorite live broadcasting channel. Through people inspires and took more useful information on many topics like sports, entertainment, world, and most ranked news headlines. This transmission called with a specific name, and that is action begins here. In the history, this is the first platform which broadcast 24 hours in India, Singapore, Malaysia and USA. There are three main TV channels which have linked with this platform:

  1. Zoom
  2. ET now
  3. Movies now

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