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DY365 tv is an Assam news channel which provides in Hindi, Bengali, and Assamese language. Assamese news live DY365 not only broadcast at one place but reached and watched all across from India. DY 365 is a 24-hour satellite channel through viewers enjoy current affairs and gossips all over the week. From that platform, not only news broadcast but many shows are also on air in three different languages. Some of these programmes are represented in The English language from that channel cross high ratings. Launching date of Guwahati News Channel DY365 platform was 30 October 2008. DY365 tv Assam is a canal and small unit which was related to Brahmaputra Tele Productions Pvt. The most talented person who is the senior editor and hold as a chief in this channel. The name of that person is Manoj Kumar Goswami.

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Offices Related To The Channel:

Main Headquarter of the DY365 live streaming channel is held at Guwahati Assam India. Through that it has many Bureaus in India, and located in different cities of country: New Delhi, Jorhat, Nagaon, Tezpur, Diphu, Sivasagar and much more.

High ranked Programmes:

Private Arati: This is shown at early in the morning for the prayer @ 7:00 AM.
Morning Time: This is only one-hour news on which main headlines are discussed. On air time is @ 9:30 AM.
DY Houseful: This is shown at mid of the day @ 12:30 PM.
Midday Express: @ 2:00 PM. On this Assamese news are displayed.
DY Prime Time: This type of report have much important stuff about all of the day gossips so that why this is broadcast @ 9:30 PM.
Late night Guwahati: the last show on life which are shown @ 11:30 PM.


When any show caster put more power for making unbelievable success, then it is compulsory that everyone follow the path. Here also these types of competitor’s names discussed:

  • News Live
  • Focus NE
  • Pratidin Time
  • Prag News


On this bench, all of the issues which are more highlighted nowadays are discussed. In which information about health, entertainment, gossips, weather, lifestyles, business, kitchen and most serious crime. When any platform gave proper coverage about these relevant scandals, then it must reach a high level and choose the success. Through all of that one thing is cleared that India’s articles shows and these types of canals cover more than more within the country and also at worldwide. The interesting and more entertaining thing is 24 hours continually DY365 live streaming.[/expand]

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